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When you’re applying for a new job, it’s important to convey your ideas and sell yourself clearly and effectively. Typos and grammatical errors will come off as sloppy or make you seem incompetent, so purchasing high-quality proofreading services for your cover letter is highly recommended. At, we have a dedicated team of editorial professionals with vast experience editing everything from cover letters to applications, personal statements, and resumes. We’ve already satisfied more than 25,000 other clients, helping them land their dream jobs or gain admission to their dream university, and we’re excited to help you achieve your dreams as well. It all starts with clear, effective writing.

While we take joy in editing cover letters, our editing skills allow us to work with so much more. We can also proofread your postgraduate personal statements or literacy narratives, for example. Our expert proofreaders are serious about providing high-quality editing services to clients, so whether you choose a turnaround time of 72 hours or 6 hours, you’re guaranteed to receive top-level editing. We also adjust our editing style to fit your needs—we can lightly proofread your document to remove grammatical errors, or we can thoroughly edit it to help improve flow, word choice, and clarity. Just let us know what you need to succeed, because helping clients succeed through effective writing is our goal.

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Important: Our customizable packages for jobseekers offer a more thorough overhaul, with unlimited revisions for your cover letter, resume and CV writing services, LinkedIn profile creation, personalized career coaching and mock interviews, and more. We have helped thousands of jobseekers enter the market, take the next steps in their careers, or land their dream jobs in new fields.

Can our editing team provide the services you need for your cover letter?

You can just ask the countless previous clients we’ve worked with. We’ve already helped numerous clients obtain a job at a top company or gain admission to an elite educational program, so we’re confident that, yes, our editing team is right for your cover letter. Your location and native language don’t matter—whether you’re from the Netherlands or Vietnam, our proofreading professionals want to help you. Whether you’re in Houston or Dammam, our expert editors have the skills necessary to elevate your writing. We’ve already helped the following clients succeed:

  • Claudia from a music school in Portland with a PDF of a school newsletter
  • Judith from a hospital in Johannesburg with a case report on non-healing wounds
  • Nabil from a leading research institution in Malaysia with an IEEE-style research paper

If you have to turn in your cover letter ASAP, we can still edit it as long as you can wait 3 hours. We understand what it’s like to operate under the crunch of a tight deadline, and we promise to get your document back to you within your specified turnaround time. If your deadline is less urgent, you can also choose a longer turnaround time, such as 24 hours, and pay a lower price. If your cover letter is a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file, our team would be happy to edit, proofread, and format it for you, so what are you waiting for? Our editing professionals are eager to help you land a new job!

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A highly vetted proofreading team working for you.

How do we guarantee our editors are the best? Simple—any proofreading candidate who wishes to join the editing team has to pass a series of rigorous editing tests, and only 1 in 300 manages to succeed. Our proofreading experts have built up significant editing and proofreading experience in their native New Zealand, Canada, Australia, United States, Ireland, and United Kingdom, and they’re incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to AMA style, USAID style, and other major style guides. Staying up to date on developments in these guides ensures they’re always prepared to edit your cover letter to meet your requirements.

If you want the best cover letter editing on the web, hire our proofreading team. Our flexibility lets us work with any type of English that suits your needs, whether it’s academic English, business English, U.S. English, or Australian English. We work hard to make sure you always meet your deadline, even if it’s extremely urgent. Our mission is to make sure your unique voice reads loud and clear in your cover letter, and that’s our guarantee regardless of your deadline.

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Feel free to request a free sample if you’re not 100% convinced. Our team is happy to provide editing samples for free because we just know you’ll love our work and be eager to place a paid order.

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