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It takes a true expert to professionally edit creative writing.

Here at, we love words. We love the tales they can spin, whether in novels, poetry, screenplays, or other literature. And we know how to help writers improve their use of words. That’s why our professional editing team is dedicated to helping you make your creative writing into a true masterpiece, whether it’s a romance novel, a poetry collection, or a script for a mystery movie. Already, more than 10,000 clients have trusted our professional proofreaders to help polish their creative writing, and we’d be delighted to earn your trust as well. As lovers of words, we can help you succeed in the literary world.

We boast a team of phenomenally talented proofreaders passionate about editing all sorts of creative writing works as well as other types of documents, such as political science papers or literature reviews. We’re also committed to quality, regardless of the turnaround time you choose—we have excellent time management skills that ensure we always meet your deadline, whether it’s in 48 hours or 7 days. We can edit your content deeply, helping you with flow, word choice, clarity, and structure, or we can lightly review it, removing typos and grammatical mistakes. The choice is yours—our editors work to serve you.

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Will our proofreaders do your creative writing justice?

According to the thousands of clients we’ve already worked with, yes, absolutely. From New Zealand to Israel, our satisfied clients are spread across the globe and have written about everything from economics to biology to psychology. Novels, blog posts, video scripts, you name it, our skilled editors have helped writers from Indianapolis to Jeddah elevate the level of their creative writing and achieve more success with their fans. Of course, we also help academics, businesspeople, and everyone in between—here are a few examples:

  • Claire from a top university in Boston with a research paper on biomaterials for bone repair
  • Karl from a top neuroscience center in Germany with an academic CV
  • Nadine from an eminent university in the U.K. with a letter of recommendation

Are you working under a tight deadline? We understand the time pressures of the creative industry. So it’s no problem—we can accommodate you whether you need your document back in 12, 6, or even 3 hours. We’re equally as happy to help you improve your writing if you choose a longer turnaround, such as 24 or 48 hours. We accept different file types—.doc, .docx, .pdf, and more—so all you have to do is save your creative writing in one of our accepted file types and submit your proofreading order to us. Our editorial experts will professionally edit it by your specified turnaround time, guaranteed.

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We hire only the best proofreading professionals.

It’s not easy to get onto the team. The most significant barrier is the series of extremely challenging proofreading assessments we have all proofreading applicants take. We hire only those who pass—a mere 0.3%. Whether it’s Canada, Ireland, the U.S., New Zealand, the U.K., or Australia, our editors come from all over the English-speaking world, which ensures we cover all time zones and are available 24/7. Our proofreaders are seasoned professionals with significant editing experience, including familiarity with style guides such as ACS style or Vancouver referencing, so we’re confident we can meet your editing needs, no matter what they are. As dedicated editorial professionals, we stay on top of any changes in common style guides to make sure we can always edit your paper in line with the style recommendations.

If you need a high-quality editing service for your creative writing documents, is here for you. We can edit your creative writing in formal English, informal English, U.S. English, U.K. English, or any other type of English you desire. With us, you’ll never miss your deadline, and you’ll have professionally edited work you can publish or submit for publication with confidence. Our mission is to bring out the strengths in your unique voice and style, helping you be the best creative writer you can be.

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If you want to make sure our proofreading service is right for you, all you have to do is request a free sample below. Our editing experts will edit up to 300 words for free within 24 hours, and then you’ll be able to place a paid order without any doubts.

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