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At, we boast a team of true editing professionals. It’s never been easier to access high-quality professional proofreading, no matter what kind of documents you want edited. Our proofreaders work with PDFs, LaTeX documents, and Word documents of all kinds, whether academic, business-related, or literary. We’ve already had the pleasure of serving more than +10,000 clients, removing any typos and grammar mistakes from their important documents and fixing problems with structure, clarity, and flow to ensure clear, concise, effective writing that gets results. Whether you’re in the academic, business, or literary world, don’t underestimate the value of guidance from a professional proofreader.

What kind of documents do you want our editing experts to proofread? A PhD thesis? Marketing content? A video script? A university application? Our team can edit all of these and much more—always within your chosen turnaround time. You can choose a turnaround of 12 hours, 48 hours, or one of several other options, but no matter what, our editors offer the same consistent accuracy each time. We can deeply edit the first draft of your biochemistry paper or provide a last-minute review before you submit your cover letter for your dream job—whatever sort of editing needs you have, our professional editors are bound to satisfy them.

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What kinds of documents do we edit?

Any kind! Our thousands of satisfied clients have thrown all sorts of documents our way, but nothing trips up our editorial professionals. Location and native language don’t matter—our proofreading team is committed to helping anyone in the world with English editing needs. Are you a psychology student from Oman? A business owner from Hungary? A marketing professional in Las Vegas? A romance novelist in Johannesburg? We can help all these people and more with their important documents. In fact, here’s a small sample of the clients we’ve already assisted:

Need your document edited ASAP? We’re here for you! With turnaround options like three hours, six hours, and 12 hours, our proofreaders are ready to serve you when you need it the most. Our dedication to flexibility has led to eight different turnaround options, including longer ones like 24 hours or seven days, which allow you to save money in exchange for a longer waiting time. What file types do we accept? Just save your document as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf, and we’d be happy to proofread, edit, and format it. Our mission is to accommodate as many people’s editing needs as possible, so when you’re ready, just send your document our way, and we’ll get started.

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Only those who pass our rigorous editing tests can be part of our proofreading team.

Could you pass our formidable proofreading assessments? Probably not—only 0.3% of our proofreading applicants can. We hire the tiny minority that passes, as they’ve proven their incredible document-editing skills. The editing team consists of native English speakers who have grown up in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and additional Anglophone nations. With specialized education and experience, they’ve proven themselves as editing professionals and have the necessary skills and knowledge to expertly edit your dissertations, business proposals, blog posts, and other documents. Additionally, they know style guides like Harvard referencing or ACS style and can easily edit your document in line with the requirements of any major style guide.

If you have a document that needs to be edited, just send it to We can adapt our editing style to fit your individual situation—UK English, Canadian English, or something else? Business English, academic English, informal English, or another type? We work fast to help you meet your deadline, but we never sacrifice quality, so with us, you’re always getting the best. We guarantee a top-quality edit that preserves your voice and helps your writing shine.

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Would you like to see a sample of our work for free? We’re happy to offer free samples because we’re confident you’ll be eager to place a paid order once you see the difference our proofreading professionals can make in your document.

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