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How many times have you read an email and thought to yourself, “This person didn’t put much thought or care into the message. It’s filled with errors and misspellings.” You may have thought that about other documents you receive on a daily basis. Because you’re reading this, we know you want to be as diligent as possible with your own communications. You understand there is no shame in seeking assistance. has helped thousands of people like you with the best email editing and proofreading services out there.

We serve a wide range of clients with a broad spectrum of email editing needs, and we also edit other documents like online newsletters, business presentations, and research projects. A lot of up-front work and financial investment goes into creating those documents; therefore, you don’t want embarrassing errors and unclear messages to reduce the return on your investment.

Successful and meaningful business or academic communication can be achieved with objective and well-trained editing and proofreading professionals. Managers and directors in both major and small businesses know how crucial it can be to have their high-level emails properly edited and proofread.

Our well-screened team can edit and proofread your important emails and other needs, such as a research report on farm production, a memo to important clients, or anything in between. Quality and timely turnaround go hand in hand with our professionals. No matter how soon you need your document back, like in 12 hours or 3 days, we’ll make sure it’s done right.

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We’re the right service for you

Contacting us for services is easy. But how do you know we’re the right fit for your needs? There are thousands of satisfied clients, still seeking our services, who might have asked that very question at first. But they now know how well our English editing and proofreading services have worked for them. People in dozens of industries and countries—from South America to South Africa—trust us as their first contact when they need help editing and proofreading their important emails or other documents. Along with helping clients with emails, we’ve assisted in situations like the following:

  • We were there for Joan, a registered nurse, when she needed help editing a sensitive email about a medical case.
  • We helped a Turkish university student, Muhlis, edit and proofread a scientific journal article.
  • We worked with an Italian research university student, Annalisa, to polish a paper that was eventually accepted for publication.

Starting with an urgent express turnaround time of three hours for your document, we’ll be there to help you meet your deadline. You shouldn’t have to worry about the file type, either. Our professionals can work with .doc, .docx, .pdf and other files. Just save your email or other document in one of these file types and we’ll take it from there.

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A few final words on the quality of our services

Quality begins with extraordinary editors who have spent many years perfecting their skills. But our process goes even further. takes on only one in 300 who apply for a position with us. We screen them using a demanding set of editing tests to ensure we have the best possible team in place.

We hire expert English editors and proofreaders from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking countries. All have a variety of experience in several fields, including academia, health care, and business. If you need your text to align with a particular style guide, such as APA for a medical paper or Chicago (CMOS) for a research report, we’ll direct it to a member of our team who’s familiar with that style.

You have everything to gain by going with the best email editing and proofreading service to suit your needs. We’ll work with your particular style to ensure your correspondence is correctly received and read in your voice and tone—without error or ambiguity.

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