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As a student writing your fellowship application, your language skills are likely to be quite good. You’ve probably spent a great deal of time drafting and writing your application. But after all those drafts and rewrites, your objectivity has diminished and you may be longing for another set of eyes to review your application. When that time comes, you want a professional, like a member of the ProofreadingServices.com team of editors and proofreaders.

Having one of our professionals edit and proofread your fellowship application to ensure it’s free of grammatical and style problems results in a lifetime of benefits. Unclear meanings and punctuation errors can impede the success of your fellowship application or other documents. As you work toward a graduate degree, we’ll help elevate your writing to the highest level possible. Our experts are standing by to help you reach your goals.

Our team can also be with you as you further your education and embark on a career. We edit and proofread nearly any kind of document, including letters of application, master’s level dissertations, and grant proposals. With a matchless team of editors and proofreaders on your side, you’ll be able to communicate clearly in many settings.

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How do you know we provide the best editing and proofreading?

We continually cite the thousands of pleased clients throughout the world who have benefited from our services, and they continually tell us what our assistance has done for them. They agree that our editing and proofreading services have made a difference in their writing and, in turn, their eventual success. Among the many examples are these:

  • An important email that Wei, an undergraduate student from Canada, sent to one of her professors
  • A white paper on the higher education market that Mohamed, who works with a research center in Saudi Arabia, wrote for publication
  • A paper on energy consumption in large data centers that Frederick, a professor at a prestigious California university, wrote for an industry publication

We accept all major document types, including .doc, .docx, .pdf, and others. We guarantee you will have a document that has been edited, proofread, and formatted to meet your needs and inspire your confidence. We can also respond to urgent editing and proofreading requests with same-day turnaround times of under 12 hours. Otherwise, we’ll provide a thorough edit of your document within one week, or by any deadline you choose.

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We’re extremely confident in our team of professionals

We’ve gathered the best team of editors and proofreaders in the world. They all had to pass several intense skills tests before being considered, and we hire just one out of every 300 who apply with us. With their extensive experience, our editors and proofreaders will do exceptional work for your fellowship application or any other type of document. We take pride in our rapid turnaround times with stellar editing and proofreading that help our clients communicate accurately and convincingly.

No matter your location or field, we can edit and proofread your fellowship application in accordance with a specific style guide, such as AP, CMOS, Harvard, IEEE, or Turabian, or we can follow your specific style preferences. Our team members are English speakers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries where English is the primary language. You can meet demanding deadlines with our quick turnaround times, all while maintaining quality and upholding your distinctive writing style and voice.

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