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Don’t go it alone when great grad school application editing is available

You’ve come a long way in your academic life. When it’s time to write that crucial graduate school application, you need a knowledgeable partner who can help you polish your document before submitting it. Make sure that partner in editing your grad school application comes from the best English proofreading and editing service in the world. takes the anxiety out of applying for grad school by pairing you with one of our highly skilled team members. Grad school application editing and proofreading is just part of what we can offer you, a student with high aspirations. You’ll likely also need high-quality editing and proofreading for personal statements, letters of support, and other related materials. We’ve helped thousands of successful students continue their education journey by providing that all-important second set of eyes on their grad school applications and other materials.

Keep in mind that our team members are skilled at editing and proofreading many other types of documents, too, such as graduate school theses and research papers. Whether you need a quick turnaround in a matter of six hours or more intense editing over two days, quality is always our top priority. Our editors apply the same level of skill and knowledge to urgent editing jobs as they do with more intense reviews of longer documents. In the end, your work will be the best it can be.

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Are our editing and proofreading services right for your grad school application?

We know the answer to that question is yes. But thousands of satisfied clients concur that our English editing and proofreading team is the best in the world. These clients work or study in a wide range of industries and academic settings, from Brazil to the Philippines. Besides grad school application editing and proofreading, we’ve helped them improve their writing in countless other situations, such as the following:

  • Valery, a grad student at a prestigious Russian university, successfully completed a research paper on electrochemistry by partnering with one of our editors.
  • Min-ji, a grad student from a distinguished U.S. university, came to us for help editing a dissertation about traditional Korean poetry.
  • Elena, a writer in Costa Rica, benefited from our services as she completed a sci-fi novel.

Even if your deadline is urgent, our flexible team of experts will work with you—we have turnarounds as short as a few hours. We accept .doc, .docx, and .pdf files as well as documents in many other formats. Simply send us your documents and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive clear, correct, and properly formatted documents that are thoroughly proofread and edited.

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We’ve taken great care in building our proofreading and editing team

Our conscientious team members have spent many years perfecting their proofreading and editing skills. To provide the best grad school application editing—or any other type of editing— considers only one in 300 applicants. We start with a series of formidable editing tests to ensure we have the premier team in place.

Our top-notch English editors and proofreaders are from the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking countries. Their experience extends to several fields, from marketing to education to nonprofit work. You might have a certain style guide you need to follow, such as MLA style for a manuscript or American Psychological Association style for a scholarly journal article. We’ll pair your document with a member of our team who knows your desired style well.

When you have the best grad school application editing and proofreading services in your corner, you’ll be reassured that your final document will be ready in time to meet your precise deadline. For grad school applications or any other type of document, we pay close attention to ensure your document is correctly received and read—without error or lack of clarity.

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