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Your graduate-level writing projects are among the most important documents you’ll produce in your academic career. Their quality and clarity can be life-changing as you work toward your higher degrees. It’s crucial that you get a second set of eyes to edit and proofread your graduate-level documents. Your best friend or a well-meaning relative might be an option to save money. But at, we have the experienced professionals you truly need to accurately proofread and edit your graduate-level writing.

When you’ve invested so much time and energy into your dissertation or paper, you don’t want to skimp on quality editing and proofreading. Our thousands of satisfied clients have discovered that our editing team is a valued partner in their success—whether it involves a graduate-level document or other projects related to their education or career. We review dozens of other types of writing, from letters of application to major research papers, to ensure they’re free of grammatical and spelling errors and unclear phrasing.

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We talk a lot about the professionals on our team, but we can also point to more than ten thousand clients who continue to come back for our English editing and proofreading services. Worldwide, they come from the business, academic, literary, and nonprofit worlds. Here’s just a small sample of the documents we’ve worked on for our clients:

  • A screenplay for a short film for Trang, a writer in Vietnam
  • A blog post about property division during a divorce for Michael, an attorney with a California-based law firm
  • A grant proposal for a land-based learning project for David, a professor at a prestigious Canadian university

We accept .doc, .docx, .pdf files, and more. All you have to do is save your graduate-level paper in one of these file types and we’ll get the editing and formatting done for you.

If your deadline is critical, we can edit and proofread your document in as little as six hours. If you’re looking to keep costs low, you might ask for a longer turnaround time, like 24 hours. You’ve invested a great deal of time in your writing. So when you need help the most, an experienced member of our team will be there to edit and proofread your graduate-level document, one that you’ll be proud to submit.

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We know that only the best will do for our clients

Our editors and proofreaders have spent many years honing their craft. To ensure you receive exceptional editing for your graduate-level paper or other document, narrows the massive field of applicants to just one in 300 who want to join our team. By administering an intimidating sequence of editing tests, we find the best possible team members to work on your documents.

Our native-English-speaking editors and proofreaders come from countries around the world, like Australia and the UK, and have proven expertise in several fields, including education, business, and health care. If your document requires conformity to a specific style guide, such as MLA style for an education manuscript or American Psychological Association style for a scientific journal article, we’ll assign it to an editor who knows your field and style requirements.

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We’re confident in our skills, but we understand if you’re hesitant to place a paid order for services you haven’t seen. Send us any document you like, and we’ll edit 300 words of it within a day to show you what we can do.

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