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Real professional editing by real humans

In this digital age, it seems like there’s an application for everything, from time management to grammar and spelling correction. But there’s more to writing, editing, and proofreading than just following grammar rules, right? At, we’ve proven time and time again that real, highly trained people are still your best option for editing and proofreading services. The hours of work you’ve put into a writing project are too important to entrust to digital applications that often get it wrong. The human touch—the kind our professional editors and proofreaders offer—will note those subtle errors in grammar and structure. They can also advise you in ways an application can’t, which makes a big difference in whether your document is merely adequate or truly polished, professional, and ready for your discerning readers.

When you’ve completed your document, let take an objective look, a vital step toward writing success. Whether you have an academic paper or a business report, we have a knowledgeable team of native-English-speaking editors and proofreaders who will take your document to new heights. Thousands of clients have found our editing and proofreading services invaluable for all of their documents—from job application letters to blogs to research papers. And if you need a quick turnaround, our team members can review and return your document in 12 hours or less—all while ensuring quality and adherence to high standards.

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Human editing and proofreading from the most qualified humans

You might find it helpful to see what thousands of our clients from every part of the globe have to say about our editing and proofreading services. They agree that having their writing edited and proofread by a real person has made a difference in its quality and their eventual success. These are just a few examples:

  • We edited release notes for a language-learning app for Sarah, who is with a UK-based tech company.
  • We proofread and edited an e-book about Brazilian pop music for Luis.
  • We edited a research paper on biomaterials for bone repair for Claire, who’s a grad student at a major Boston

Concerned about file types? We accept all major files, including .doc, .docx, and .pdf files. You can count on getting a document that has been edited, proofread, and formatted to meet your needs and to your satisfaction. We can also respond to urgent editing and proofreading requests with same-day editing.

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Our precise standards mean quality service for you

We take great care to maintain a superior team of human professional proofreaders and editors. By screening applicants using a set of intimidating exams, we identify the most able editors—a mere one in 300. Their years of professional proofreading, editing, and writing have equipped our human editors and proofreaders to do great work for you. By meeting rapid turnaround times with high-quality editing and proofreading, we help our global clients achieve their business and personal goals and advance academically.

No matter what part of the world you live in, our English editing and proofreading pros can help you with your writing. Since they’re in countries around the globe like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, they’re always available and have spoken English from birth. You’ll never have to wonder again whether those squiggly red and blue lines are right because you’ll have an expert human editor who can tell you.

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We invite you to try our services at no cost before placing a paid order. One of our elite human editors will review 300 words of your chosen document within 24 hours.

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