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After putting all the necessary work into your journal article, from research to first drafts to rewrites to references, you’re probably a little weary from the experience and would appreciate a second set of eyes to review your work. Weary or not, it’s always a good idea to make sure your journal article meets the high standards most publications demand. The professional editors and proofreaders at have the experience and knowledge you and your publisher need to make sure your journal article is worthy of publication. 

You can be confident in our professional editors and proofreaders and their extraordinary ability to make sure your journal articles and other writing are free of errors and formatting discrepancies. With over 10,000 thrilled clients under our belt, we can boldly recommend our editing and proofreading services as the top choice for writers of journal articles and academic papers, besides any document from a letter of recommendation to a company employee handbook.

Our professionals are devoted to providing extraordinary editing whether they’re doing a thorough review of a longer document or serving a client who needs a quick turnaround. In fact, we can do express service in less than a day when time is of the essence. Longer deadlines of one day, two days, or three days are also available to you.

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Our editing and proofreading team offers unprecedented versatility

Our thousands of clients represent an almost limitless range of businesspeople, teachers, students, and more from all over the world. And whether they’re proofreading and editing a journal article or another document, our team members are ready to work alongside our clients and help them succeed. Among the broad range of documents we’ve edited, here are a few examples:

  • We proofed and edited a video game script for Sam, a game designer from Germany.
  • We reviewed a reflection paper on business ethics in APA style for Layal, a grad student at a prestigious Turkish
  • We proofread a childhood memoir for Anne, a writer from Edinburgh.

File types are not an issue. We accept .doc, .docx, .pdf, and many other formats.

If you have a critical deadline, we can edit and proofread your document in less than a day. Rest assured, when you need it the most, an experienced member of our team will be there to help prepare your journal article to meet your desired publication’s standards.

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We have the experience and skills to do your writing justice

The service you’ll receive from is provided by editors with exhaustive combined experience. Our clients expect consistently high performance from our professionals. That’s why a mere one in 300 editors who apply with us makes it onto our team of editors and proofreaders for your journal article or other work.

Our editors and proofreaders hail from an array of countries and every industry, including business, education, science, law, and health care. They’re native speakers of Canadian, American, and Australian English, besides any other form of English you can think of. When your writing must also meet the standards of a style guide, such as AP, CMOS, Harvard, IEEE, or Turabian, we have editors who can help you follow them to a T, including properly formatting those painstaking references.

When you choose to edit and proofread a journal article or other type of document, we’ll work with you to ensure your document reflects the best version of your voice, style, and writing ability.

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We offer 300-word free samples. That means you can submit a few paragraphs of your journal article and we’ll send them back to you, ready for publication, within 24 hours. There’s no better way to see the difference we can make in your academic writing.

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