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Have you been looking for a knowledgeable LaTeX editing service?

If you’re preparing a scientific or mathematical paper using LaTeX, you might be wondering if you can find an editor or proofread who knows how to work with your document. Rest assured that offers you a team of experienced professionals who are well trained in LaTeX documents and a broad range of other formats.

Whether you’ve written a scientific article or a research report, our professional editors and proofreaders will make sure your LaTeX document receives a detailed examination for grammar and punctuation errors, plus any structural issues that can compromise its clarity. The result will be a clean, correct paper that’s ready for submission or publication.

Our experienced team edits and proofreads not only LaTeX documents, but so much more—from lab reports to grant proposals to grad school applications. Our top priority is quality writing. That philosophy applies whether you need a quick turnaround to meet a critical deadline, like proofreading in three hours, or a thorough review to improve the flow of your writing, like deep editing in 24 hours.

What can we edit and proofread for you today?

Note: For LaTeX documents, we can either (1) annotate a PDF version of your text so you can introduce the noted changes to your LaTeX file or (2) edit a Word copy of the file, ignoring any code, so you can simply paste the edited text back into your LaTeX file.

Our clients tell us we are the best

Take a moment to glance through the thousands of clients around the world who have used our services and told us what our assistance has done for them, and you can be assured we’ll do a great job for you. Our editing and proofreading services have enhanced our clients’ LaTeX documents, as well as their research papers, essays, case reports, and works of fiction. Here are just a few examples:

  • We helped Rasim, who hails from the Netherlands, with release notes for a health and fitness application.
  • We assisted Judith, who works at a hospital in Johannesburg, by editing her case report on non-healing wounds.
  • We worked with Ana, a writer from Houston, to edit and proofread her work of fiction.

If you suddenly find your deadline is looming, we do offer an express service that can turn your document around in as few as two hours. Click the link below for more details. And don’t worry about how you save your files. Beyond LaTeX, we work with many text editing formats, including .doc., docx., and .pdf.

If you’re ready to work with our team, see our express services.

Knowledge + experience + exacting standards = exceptional editing

Of course you want your LaTeX and other documents to be outstanding. That’s why we’ve assembled the best team of professional proofreaders and editors in existence by accepting only one of every 300 who apply for our team. Before being considered, they must first pass detailed evaluations to demonstrate their skills.

Our elite team members are native speakers of Kiwi, Canadian, and Australian English, besides other variants. Our rapid turnaround times and high-quality LaTeX document editing and proofreading help our global clients get their message across accurately and effectively.

We’re ready and willing to assist you, whether you’re from Austin, Texas, or New Delhi, India. Our English editing and proofreading experts can look over your LaTeX document and make helpful suggestions, guaranteeing you meet your deadlines and achieve the accuracy and quality you need.

See what our services are like

Maybe you’d prefer to give our services a trial run before you order. We’re excited about the opportunity to show you how we work! Request a sample, and we’ll introduce you to expert editing and proofreading for free.

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