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You can write a clear and convincing letter of intent with expert help

Throughout your life as a student, you will often need to write well to complete classes and move to the next level in your education. One of those instances is when writing a letter of intent to your chosen graduate school. Or you may be writing a letter of intent as a job candidate. If that time is at hand, we at can help ensure your document reflects your academic or professional strength.

Besides proofreading and editing letters of intent, our qualified editors can help you with most any other kind of project, such as resumes, application letters, and research papers. Just look at the feedback from the many clients for whom we’ve revised letters of intent, dissertations, and other academic writing, or the ones for whom we’ve reviewed book manuscripts, marketing materials, and employee handbooks. These clients have enjoyed a new level of success thanks to our contributions, and you can, too.

We know that busy students like you often need editing on the fly. When you do, ask for our express services. Our professional editors and proofreaders can turn your documents around fast without threatening their quality. We can edit and proofread your document the same day we receive it.

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We have clients around the world who know we provide the best proofreading and editing services for a letter of intent—or any other type of document. From Canada to Argentina, from Russia to Australia, our worldwide clients come from the business, education, and nonprofit worlds. Our native English-speaking professionals will edit and proofread your letter of intent or any other kind of document. Here’s just a small sample of times we’ve provided assistance:

  • When Oliver, who works at an Austrian medical school, needed help with a conference presentation on chronic disease in children, he turned to us to convey important facts in just a few words.
  • When Javed, who teaches at a college in Columbia, needed help with an article on pesticide use regulations for a scholarly journal, we made sure his grammar and citations were correct.
  • When Natasha, who works for a company in Minneapolis, needed help with a catalogue, one of our professionals proofread and edited it for her, resulting in a much more polished document.

The types of documents we can edit include PDF and Word files. Simply send your writing to us and we’ll ensure it’s clear, correct, and concise. If you need editing in less than 24 hours, explore our express services. We’re available to edit your work in three hours, six hours, or twelve hours.

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We’ve built our team on a foundation of quality through a painstaking process. The editors and proofreaders we hire must pass several intensive skills tests. Subsequently, we hire only the top editor in every 300 who apply. With their years of broad experience, our editors and proofreaders are the wisest choice to edit your letter of intent or any other type of document. Our blazing-fast turnaround times, coupled with our unrelenting quality control, help our clients communicate better than they ever have while preserving their tone and writing style.

No matter where you live, we can edit documents in accordance with the Associated Press or American Psychological Association style guides, the Chicago Manual of Style, or your house style. Our team members are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries that speak mostly English. That means we’re always here when you have a tight deadline and we know every variant of English out there. Let our expertise give your confidence a boost.

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