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Writing for publication is a demanding task. Whether you’re preparing an article for print or online, the steps involved—from research to final draft—require diligence and a commitment to quality. So when you need to be sure your publication is well written and easy to read, you’ll want a highly skilled professional helping you achieve final success.

The professional editors and proofreaders at have the skills and experience to make sure your magazine content is truly ready for your publisher and your readers. You put tons of effort into your magazine, and we’re here to make sure it all pays off in the form of superb, engrossing content.

The 10,000-plus clients we’ve served are well acquainted with our tremendous team of professionals. Besides sending us their magazine content for editing and proofreading, they recognize us as the best choice for dozens of other forms of writing. Whether you have a nonfiction book, a research report, or an important business memo, you want it to be free of grammatical errors, misplaced punctuation, awkward phrasing, or anything else that would make it less engaging. Even the most successful writers know errors are easy to overlook. That’s why they rely on an objective editor from

Nothing is more important to us than helping you publish great writing, whether you need your magazine content or other document returned in three hours or 72 hours.

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Magazines and so much more

On every continent, our elated clients have raved about what our assistance has done for them. Whether they came to us with magazine articles, grad school applications, e-book manuscripts, or letters of reference, they went away relieved and confident they now had an excellent text. Here are just a few examples:

  • For Anders, a founder of a start-up in Oslo, one of our professionals edited and proofed a PowerPoint presentation for his company meeting.
  • For Elena, a creative writer in Barcelona, we edited and proofread a science fiction novel.
  • For Quang, an academic at a large university in Hong Kong, we reviewed a computer science article written in LaTeX format.

File type should be the least of your concerns. We accept several different types, such as .doc., .docx., and .pdf. If you need a quick turnaround, like under 12 hours, for your magazine content or other writing, you may be interested in our six-hour or three-hour editing. We can even have you set in as little as one hour.

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In every issue: unmatched proficiency

Working with talented editors who know a broad range of fields is what you can come to expect from Our clients demand consistently high performance whenever they request our services. That’s why we select only the best editor in every 300 people who apply to become part of our team. These are the editors who work on your magazine articles and other documents.

Our editors and proofreaders are real people, virtuosos who come from all walks of life and every native English-speaking country: Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and more. Their experience is both deep and broad, ranging from business, education, science, and law to the humanities and arts. They’re aces with style guides, too; whether you’re writing in AP, CMOS, Harvard, IEEE, Turabian, or a house style, we’ll help you follow it diligently.

To summarize, when you choose to edit and proofread your magazine, newsletter, blog, or other type of document, you can be sure we’ll

  • Be available when you need us
  • Know your variant of English
  • Correct errors
  • Enhance the quality of your text
  • Improve understanding for your readers
  • Preserve your voice and style
  • Return your document on time

As you can see, our service is unbelievably thorough. What are you waiting for?

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Our awesome team of editors and proofreaders is so ready to work with you, we’ll even edit a document for free. By this time tomorrow, you can see how we’d improve up to 300 words of your choice.

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