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Step 1: Understand that a clear, well-organized manual requires expert proofreading

Creating the best user manual for your organization or product takes weeks of assembling information, organizing, fact-checking, and more, and it’s imperative that your labor results in a stellar outcome. When you call on ProofreadingServices.com to edit and proofread your manual, that outcome is sure: we’ll deliver an exceptional document you can confidently offer to your employees or your buyers.

We’ve worked hard to make our editing and proofreading process user-friendly and effective—just like you want your manual to be. By sending us your manual and other documents, such as catalog copy, website text, or ad content, you can join the ranks of 25,000 thrilled clients who have found our editing and proofreading services are tried and true. You may have found out the hard way that a software program is no substitute for a highly trained editor when it comes to correcting grammatical errors, suggesting practical formatting, and making sure messages are clear and consistent from start to finish. Smart businesspeople know they need insight from an objective third party to create a manual that users appreciate.

Our editors are adept at proofreading and editing manuals as well as any other kind of document for professionals, students, writers, and many more. Whether your priority is fast service, like proofreading in 3 hours, or lower-cost service, like editing in 3 days, we know how to maintain unparalleled quality within your timeline. The bottom line is that we’re dedicated to your success.

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Step 2: Choose an agency that can edit any document you need

Our delighted clients in every business and academic field, from New York City to Jakarta, keep coming back for more, and we take great pride in being part of their triumph. In addition to editing and proofreading manuals for businesses and organizations, we’ve helped people like these:

  • Andrea, a writer from South Africa, who asked us to polish her essay about the Kyoto Protocol
  • Elizabeth, a student from a major Canadian university, who received our help with a dissertation on modernist literature written in MLA style
  • Rasim, a software designer from the Netherlands, who asked us to edit and proofread his release notes for a fitness app

We offer speedy service that can turn your document around in under 24 hours. Your Microsoft Word, PDF, LaTeX, and other files can be back in your hands, thoroughly revised to boost clarity and readability, within 12 hours, 6 hours, or even sooner, depending on length.

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Step 3: Look for the true experts

To best serve your editing and proofreading needs, we took the time to find editors who really know their stuff—real people with real skills gained through long experience. For about every 300 editors who apply with ProofreadingServices.com, only a single one has what we’re looking for. Our editors are the best of the best.

Further, we’re a global team. Our editors are natives of predominantly English-speaking countries, from the United States and Canada to New Zealand and Australia. Every one has accumulated knowledge and experience in several fields or industries, and it extends to style guides like IEEE for an engineering report or AMA for a healthcare blog. Regardless of your subject matter, we have an editor for you.

When you decide to submit your user manual for review by a ProofreadingServices.com editor, you can rest assured your final document will be well polished and completed when you need it. We also won’t compromise your unique voice, but take care to make sure your writing reads as you intended.

Step 4: Test before you buy

We’ve made a lot of claims, and we understand if you’d like to see proof. Send us a short section of any document you want, and we’ll edit it within 24 hours, for free.

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