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Don’t let poor copywriting tank your ROI

When you create marketing content for your business or agency, whether it consists of a few lines or a series of articles, editing is a vital part of preparing it for your target audience. You’ve put a lot of time and creativity into your marketing content, so why not have a trained expert take a fresh look for grammatical errors, misspellings, and anything else that could cloud your meaning or turn off your audience?

When you’re ready, send your document to for first-class editing and proofreading. We’re ready to take on anything from blog posts to brochures (for example, check out the quality of the landing page you’re reading). We can edit your content to boost engagement and reduce friction, but we’re capable of much more: your journal articles, works of fiction, and other writing are also in good hands with us.

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Our customer loyalty is through the roof

Masses of clients from around the world come to us repeatedly for services after seeing how we enhance their documents. Among the many success stories we can share, here are just a few:

  • We edited a nonfiction book for Raisya from Malaysia.
  • We polished a PDF of a customer newsletter for Erin, who works for a nutrition company in New Zealand.
  • We edited and proofread a journal article on prosthetic joint infections for Salman, who conducts research at a prestigious hospital in Texas.

Whatever file type you like to use—.doc., .docx., .pdf., or another format—we’re ready to work with you. Save your document in the format you prefer and upload it for editing. No matter how soon you need it finished, from under three hours to anytime within a week, we’ll take pains to help you get it done on time.

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We have a unique selling proposition: unrivaled skills and experience

Extraordinary editing and proofreading comes naturally when we’ve gathered team members who have spent years developing their specialized skills. To maintain strict quality control, we hire only the top proofreader in every batch of 300 who seek to join us. You can be sure your documents will be reviewed by the best eyes in the industry when you become our customer.

Since our editors are from native English-speaking countries all over the world, like the UK and Australia, we’re always awake and ready to edit in your variant of English. Each editor has experience in several fields and niches, and they’re masters of style guides, such as APA for a social science research paper or Associated Press for web content. No matter who your marketing copy aims to reach or what style guide you’re trying to follow, you can partner with an editor who’s a great fit.

Besides following your style guide, we can edit as lightly or heavily as you want, so your company’s voice and tone won’t be lost amid our suggestions. On time, tailored to your needs, provided by elite editors—what more could you ask for?

We’re looking to close the deal

If it turns out we’ve still got some convincing to do, let us make an offer: at no cost, we’ll edit any 300 words you choose to show you how we work, and you can decide whether we’re worth our salt.

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