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When it’s time to put together that life-changing master of business administration (MBA) application, it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable partner review the application and any related documents before you submit them. This is your chance to make sure your editing partner comes from the best English proofreading and editing service in the world.

ProofreadingServices.com takes some of the stress out of applying with a top-ranked business school by pairing you with one of our highly skilled team members. Keep in mind that MBA application editing and proofreading is just part of how we serve people with high aspirations, as well as and many other clients in academia and business. We’ve helped thousands of students progress through their academic careers by providing unbiased, detailed editing and proofreading for their MBA applications and other material.

Our team members are skilled at reviewing many other types of documents, such as theses, research papers, and company manuals. Whether you need a brisk turnaround of as little as three hours or a thorough edit over two days, we can take care of it for you with the same commitment to exceptional quality.

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Our long list of gratified clients contains writers from universities, corporations, small businesses, the health care field, and more. Many are self-employed in a variety of fields. They continue to share their experiences about how our professionals were instrumental in helping them succeed. Here are just a few examples:

  • For Ji-hoon, a historian from South Korea, we edited a CMOS-style manuscript about Korean cuisine.
  • For Hisham, a professor at a prestigious university in Oman, we edited and proofread a cover letter to an academic journal editor.
  • For Michael, a partner at a major California law firm, we edited a blog post about property division and divorce.

Along with providing skilled service, we do all we can to help you meet your deadline. You may want to check out our express service, which can get your edited document back to you within 24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours, or even less. Send us your Word or PDF file, or if you’ve saved your work in another format, that’s fine too.

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Accomplished editors with many years of experience make up the foundation for the service you’ll receive from ProofreadingServices.com. Our clients expect premium service every time, and that’s why we invite only a single editor in every 300 candidates who apply to become part of our team of editors and proofreaders. Your MBA application and other documents couldn’t be in better hands.

The professional English editors and proofreaders on our team come from all types of educational and career backgrounds and many native English-speaking countries, so they’re ready to edit your UK, US, Australian, Canadian, or Kiwi English text anytime. For any field of business, like marketing, economics, or management, we have an editor with the knowledge to edit your writing. And no matter what kind of document you send us, we work with your style preferences top of mind, such as AP, Harvard, or IEEE, and ensure your personal writing voice is maintained throughout.

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We do great work, but you don’t have to believe it blindly—see for yourself. Upload any 300 words you choose and we’ll edit them for you, completely free.

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