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Is your writing on life support? We can revive it

When you research and write in a highly disciplined field such as medicine, you want to make absolutely certain the time you spend preparing your document results in the most precise, polished, and understandable text possible. can be your one and only stop for top-tier editors who will make sure your medical paper is thoroughly proofed and edited, ready for submission to an instructor or publication.

With 10,000-plus clients served to their satisfaction, we’re confident we can raise the writing level of your medical paper or any other type of document. By placing your trust in our editors, you can reap high-value benefits: confidence in your writing, academic or professional credibility, and progress toward your goals. That’s true whether your text is a research paper, a study proposal, an abstract—anything.

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We specialize in every field

Our list of satisfied clients continues to grow, as they have found that whether they’re composing a medical paper, a grad school application letter, a master’s dissertation, or some other project, we’ve got them more than covered. We can share many success stories. Here are just a few examples:

  • We polished a curriculum vitae (CV) for Karl, who works for a major neuroscience center in Germany.
  • We edited a paper on curriculum standards in mathematics for Jae, who teaches at a university in Seoul.
  • We cleaned up the bibliography of a political science paper for Min-su, who attends a major South Korean university.

We love working with PDFs and Word docs, but it’s no trouble at all if you’ve saved your work in a different format. It’s also just fine if you need the editing done fast. We’re here to help within 2 days, 12 hours, or 3 hours—whatever works for you.

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With stellar editors on call, your writing’s prognosis is great

To best serve our loyal clients, we’ve made sure we have only highly trained and experienced professional editors and proofreaders on our team. We receive dozens of applications every day, and many have good experience. But we’re very particular. On average, among every 300 who apply to work as a editor, just one fits the bill.

These outstanding editors and proofreaders, all native English speakers, make up our global team. They’re located in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. Their careers have spanned dozens of fields, from medicine, to literature, to information technology. With that experience, they’ve also gained expertise in style manuals, such as AMA style for medical papers, IEEE style for engineering reports, or APA style for journal articles. We’ll assign the right proofreading and editing professional to work with your medical paper or any other document you ask us to edit.

When you have the best editing and proofreading services for your medical paper, you know your final document will maintain a consistent voice without embarrassing errors, confounding grammatical mistakes, and unclear sentence structures.

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You can find out what your writing will look like post-editing by submitting a short excerpt. For no cost at all, we’ll review it and get it back to you within 24 hours.

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