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There are people who write, and then there are writers. If you’re working on a memoir, you are in the latter group—and you know the importance of clear, grammatically correct text that’s pleasurable to read. Every good writer spends time revising but also tends to become blind to errors after reading the text so many times. That’s why it’s essential to get at least one detailed review by a first-class editor.

After all those hours of writing and rewriting, you have a trusted partner in ProofreadingServices.com. We will take a fresh look at your memoir and suggest ways to not only correct errors, but improve readability. Our editors and proofreaders offer a perspective that is backed by years of training and experience. The list of clients we’ve served has grown to over 10,000 writers who have seen firsthand that our approach to professional editing and proofreading elevates their writing without hiding their voice and tone.

Our team members take great pride in providing editing and proofreading that makes a real difference, whether they’re working on a memoir, a marketing plan, a cover letter, or an e-book manuscript. That commitment to quality is maintained even for a rush order, when you need your document returned in under 24 hours. For example, you can order proofreading just 6 hours before you need the document back. What’s more, the editing will be just as thorough as if you request a deadline of 3 days or a week.

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We have a long history of pleasing our clients

All over the world, clients of every stripe have benefited from our services. When writing a scientific article, screenplay, or other composition, they’ve seen their writing enhanced beyond their expectations. But they’ve also become better writers in light of our helpful comments, explanations, and suggestions. Of the many success stories we can share, here are just a few examples:

  • We edited a reflection paper on business ethics for Layal, an MBA student at a major Toronto university.
  • We proofread a journal article on pesticide regulations for Javed, a scientist from Colombia.
  • We edited a white paper on the higher education market for Mohamed, who works for a research center in Saudi Arabia.

An extended work like a memoir usually requires extensive editing and proofreading, but there are many documents we can review and return in 12 hours or less. We accept Microsoft Word files, PDF files, and more. Send in whatever you need edited, and then give yourself a little TLC while we do the same for your document.

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You can trust our highly qualified team

When you’re writing something so important, you can’t rely on software programs to help you catch subtle errors and improve the flow of your paragraphs. Only top editing professionals can do that, and ours are leading the industry. To build our team, we maintain strict requirements. Among the hundreds who apply with ProofreadingServices.com every year, only a few are chosen. To be more exact, only 1 of 300 applicants makes the cut.

Our English editors and proofreaders come from native English-speaking countries like the United States, Ireland, and Australia. They’ve spent their careers in an assortment of fields and worked extensively with nearly every style guide. All of this experience together means whether you’re writing a science blog in APA style and US English, a fantasy novel in Chicago style and UK English, a literature paper in MLA style and Canadian English, or something else entirely, we’ll always have an editor who’s a great fit.

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We welcome you to try our services before you order. Simply send us up to 300 words of your choice, and one of our professional team members will review and return it with improvements soon.

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