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Is your newsletter in need of professional editing?

You put a lot of work into your writing. Don’t let a careless grammatical error or a lack of clarity ruin your otherwise powerful piece. can help make your search for high-quality editing simpler and quicker. Just as we have with our more than 10,000 clients, we can connect you to a team of superb editors who can handle newsletters as well as emails, presentations, and business documents. Every writer, no matter how talented they are, makes mistakes, which is why every writer needs an editor with a sharp eye and superior skills. After all, every writer wants his or her work to make as much of an impact as possible.

While newsletter editing is a specialty of ours, the editing team is experienced in a wide range of documents—e-books, nonfiction works, and much more. We maintain the highest level of quality whether you need the document back in 72 hours or just six hours. Our proofreaders can handle an in-depth review or urgent copy editing. No matter the task, we combine skill with knowledge to make your writing shine.

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What is the extent of our services?

We have satisfied thousands of clients who will confirm that our English editing and proofreading services improved their writing. Our clientele extends from Japan to Malta, from Auckland to Cleveland, and to all points in between. We serve clients in a wide variety of industries and across many disciplines. Newsletter editing is just one service we offer. Our editors and proofreaders have also improved documents by these authors:

  • Matthias, a student at a university in Winnipeg, who wrote an article for a scientific journal
  • Sarah, a writer from a tech company based in the United Kingdom, who composed release notes for a language-learning app
  • Valery, a Russian university student, who wrote a research paper on electrochemistry

Flexibility is one of our hallmarks. We can accommodate urgent editing and proofreading jobs with an express turnaround of 12 hours. Or you can choose an extended time, like 48 hours. We accept all major document types, including .doc, .docx, and .pdf. Save your document as one of these types, send it to us, and we will proceed with the job, then return a document that has been edited, proofread, and formatted to your satisfaction.

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How effective is our editing team?

We don’t let just anyone join our editing crew. At, we hire a scandalously low one of every 300 applicants for our English proofreading positions, and each successful applicant must first pass an intensive series of editing tests. Members of the editing team are English speakers from the United States, Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and other countries around the world. They possess extensive, diverse educations as well as years of professional experience.

Our team is also adept at editing to your custom specifications or to whatever style guide you prefer—Bluebook, MLA, or any other style. We require our editors to keep up to date on style guide changes, so you can be confident your document will align with the latest trends in publishing.

No matter what kind of document you have, we will find the right editor for the job. It doesn’t matter if you write in formal English, informal English, or some other tone—we’re the best proofreading service for you. We can help you meet urgent deadlines. We can elevate your content by making your ideas and information come through clearly. And we can preserve your distinct voice and personal writing style.

Do you need to be convinced?

We’re willing to send you a sample of our work to prove we are the right proofreading and editing service for your newsletter. By requesting a free sample, you can see firsthand how our editing team can raise the quality of your writing.

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