Professional Proofreading and Editing Services for Authors of Novels


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Does your novel need a professional editor?

You don’t have to keep searching for premium editing services for your novel. makes it simple to secure the skills of a talented editor and proofreader. More than 10,000 clients can confirm that their writing—novels, memoirs, screenplays, poetry—significantly improved after review by our knowledgeable editing team. All writers benefit from the critical eye that only a strong editor can deliver. Editors and proofreaders can catch grammatical errors and clarify vague messages so your writing can achieve maximum impact.

Our team knows how to edit more than novels. Team members proofread and edit CVs, academic papers, and almost any other type of writing in nearly any format. We always maintain the highest standard of quality, no matter if you need edits returned in 12 hours or in 48 hours. We excel in swift proofreading as well as exhaustive copy editing. Our online proofreaders possess the exact skills needed to elevate your writing.

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What sets our proofreading service apart?

Our numerous clients can testify to the impact our editing and proofreading team had on their writing. One reason we can guarantee your satisfaction is that our team has experience editing all types of documents covering an enormous range of topics, disciplines, and fields of study. Clients from all parts of the world—from Kuwait to Luxembourg, from Dallas to Muscat—have reached out to us to take their writing to another level. Editing novels is only one of our specialties. Consider these other clients:

  • We edited a cookbook of family recipes for Yann in the K.
  • We proofread a report on post-operative capnography monitoring for Stefano in New York, N.Y.
  • We edited a marketing email sent to potential clients for Vjekoslav in Croatia

Flexibility is one thing we can offer that competing services cannot. Our team can work with any turnaround time, even if your need is urgent. Express turnaround times are as quick as three hours, or we can return your edited text within three days. We accept .doc, .docx, and .pdf as well as many other document formats. Your only task is to send your documents to us. We handle the rest. Clean, accurate documents that are thoroughly proofread, expertly edited, and neatly formatted are coming your way.

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What can you expect from our team?

When you work with, you can expect high-quality proofreading and editing from a multitalented team made up of English speakers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries. We maintain stratospheric standards for our editors, hiring only one in every 300 applicants. The battery of tests that a successful applicant must pass is rigorous and evaluates a wide range of editing skills.

You can expect our team to edit to your exact specifications. They can edit to a preferred style guide like Chicago Manual of Style or IEEE. The team stays up to date on all style guide changes and publishing trends. They can also edit to custom style preferences that you indicate. No matter what your document is, we have an editor perfectly suited to the work.

We are confident we are the proofreading service that can elevate your novel and make it the best it can be. In addition to novel writing, our editors are familiar with other forms of writing as well—journalistic style, business English, and nearly any other type of writing. Our swift but careful work can help you meet tight deadlines, get your ideas across with greater impact, and maintain your distinctive voice.

Do you want to see more?

If you want to see our work for yourself before you place a paid order, we’re happy to share a free sample. Make your request, and we’ll deliver a polished editing sample within 24 hours.

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