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The most accurate on-demand online editing service

Thousands of satisfied clients agree— provides the highest-quality on-demand editing and proofreading for any document. We deliver exceptional editing service for academic papers, resumes, business documents, and all other types of files. No matter what you’re writing, an editor’s critical eye can make it better, which is why we take such great care to correct those hard-to-catch grammatical errors and strengthen passages that might be unclear. Simply put, we help you make your writing as strong as it can possibly be.

We maintain a knowledgeable and experienced team with the skills to edit and proofread any document, from creative writing to abstracts in research papers. Quality does not diminish when you need your document edited in three hours. You can rely on our online proofreaders for a thorough edit, a quick read-through, or any level of editing in between. The end result is always that we bring more impact to your writing.

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The best proofreading service for any document

Delighted clients from around the world—from Luxembourg and Kuwait to Denver and Krakow—can confirm that our English editing and proofreading team has the unique ability to elevate writing to a new level. We have experience working with clients in a wide variety of industries and academic disciplines. We handle more than on-demand editing, too:

  • We helped Yulia, an employee at a food company in Denmark, with a report on plant-based protein sources
  • We edited a short-film screenplay for Trang in Vietnam
  • We worked with Wei, a Canadian grad student, to carefully word an email to her professor

Your editing need might be urgent and that is fine. We can return an editing or proofreading project in 12 hours or, if you allow for more time, within 72 hours. Simply send us your document (preferably in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format, though we do accept most other file types). We’ll complete the proofreading, editing, and formatting on your timetable.

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The highest standards for quality editing

Several factors make us confident we are the best on-demand editing service for you. For one, we are very selective in who we hire for our online editing team. To maintain the highest levels of quality in our work, hires an astoundingly low one out of every 300 applicants for open English proofreading jobs. Each of our editors has passed our arduous editing tests. The team’s talent, education, and experience enable us to provide you with the flexibility you need. We can edit documents according to a specific style guide (Turabian, AP style, or any other guide) or we can follow your custom style preferences. Our editors keep an eye on style guide updates and publishing trends, so you can be sure that nothing is missed in the editing process.

Another reason we’re confident is that our editors are English speakers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries where English is the primary language. We know we have an editor who is perfect for your job, no matter if you write in U.S. English, Australian English, or another type. We also know we can help you meet tight deadlines with our quick turnaround times as well as add impact to your writing through accurate editing. We do all of this while maintaining your personal style and distinctive voice.

Review our work before you order

Ask us for a free demonstration of our editing skills before you place a paid order. You can see firsthand how much our editors can improve your work.

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