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Your top choice for outsourcing editing services

If you want exceptional editing for your documents—academic papers, resumes, business documents, and so much more—turn to We have served more than 25,000 clients, improving their writing across a wide range of academic fields and industries. We understand how hard writers work to make their writing powerful and compelling, so we apply our editors’ knowledge and skills to eliminate distracting errors. We also identify passages that need more clarity or could be refined for more impact. Our service results in improved writing. This is the benefit that a professional editor can bring to your work if you are an academic, a businessperson, an author, or any other type of writer.

Our editors and proofreaders can handle all types of documents, from a simple cover letter to a sprawling science fiction epic. We apply the same high standards of quality to all jobs, no matter if you request your document to be completed in 72 hours or 6 hours. Whether you need copy editing or thorough proofreading, our online editors stand ready to improve your writing.

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Proofreading services that fit your needs

Working with clients around the world, our English editing and proofreading team has strengthened the work of more than 25,000 elated writers in all areas of the globe—from Malaysia and Jordan to Detroit and Warsaw. These writers represent a wide variety of industries and academic disciplines. Although outsourced editing is one of our strengths, we have also helped:

  • Jarek, a job seeker from Poland, with his resume targeting the chemical industry
  • Michael, an attorney in a California law firm, with a blog post on property division and divorce
  • Sarah, who works at a tech company in the K., with release notes for a language-learning app

To give you maximum flexibility, we offer a wide range of turnaround times, including express service in just 3 hours. We typically provide turnaround times within 24 hours and accept most document types (including .doc, .docx, and .pdf). When you use, you can send us your document and let us handle the rest. What you get back will be a thoroughly edited, accurately proofread, and cleanly formatted document.

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We hire the most skilled and experienced editors

The team at is held to the highest standards for editing skills. We hire only 1 out of every 300 applicants for our English proofreading positions, the tiny portion who manage to pass a challenging series of editing skills exams. Their educational backgrounds are diverse, as are their years of professional experience. Since they’re also English speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and other countries, it doesn’t matter what type of English your document is written in—Australian English, United States English, or some other variety. We have an editor who is a perfect fit for the job.

We can edit your document to whatever style specifications you choose. We can also assign an editor with deep knowledge of a particular style guide, such as ACS style or Vancouver referencing. You can also share your custom style requirements. Our editors stay current when it comes to style guide changes and trends in publishing, so you won’t have to worry about any details being missed when our editors go to work.

We’re confident you will find to be the best choice for outsourcing editing jobs. Not only will we help make your writing stronger and clearer, but we will help you meet your deadline, no matter how tight it may be. We know you’ll join the ranks of our thousands of satisfied customers.

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Before placing an order, you might be curious to see for yourself the impact our editors can have on your work. No problem. We’ll provide a short free editing sample within 24 hours.

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