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Are you in need of an editor who can turn a project around quickly?

For writers of all kinds, from academics and creative writers to business leaders and playwrights, a thorough review of their documents by professional editors provides a serious advantage. Especially if the job has to be completed in a short amount of time, professional editing is essential to showcasing top-quality writing. has helped more than 10,000 clients with first-class proofreading and copy editing for a wide range of documents: academic papers, resumes, business website content, poems, plays, novels, and much more.

You invest lots of time and energy into your writing. Don’t let a grammatical error or a confusing passage ruin your work. Editors and proofreaders specialize in catching and correcting grammar errors, lines that lack clarity, and messages that appear muddled. This level of review is crucial to effective writing.

You can count on us for whatever editing task you need, from a quick proofread of a memo to an in-depth review of a research paper. Our editing team handles every kind of document, regardless of the subject matter. We have knowledge in fields as varied as anthropology and computer science. Quality is always the top priority, whether the turnaround time is 12 hours or seven days.

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Service to match any document or editing task

Our satisfied clients number in the thousands and stretch from Malta to Japan and from El Paso to Dammam. Documents come from a variety of industries and cover an enormous range of subjects. Our clients agree that their writing was greatly improved after review by our English editing team. We are confident we can elevate the quality of your writing, too, even in situations when overnight editing is needed.

Consider these examples to see the breadth and depth of the service we offer:

  • We helped Elizabeth from a premier Canadian university with a modernist literature essay in MLA format.
  • Our team edited a science fiction novel from Elena, who lives in the S.
  • We assisted Victor, a researcher in Brazil, with an abstract for an academic article on soil erosion.

To offer our clients the greatest flexibility, we can complete editing and proofreading jobs in six hours or less. We also accommodate turnaround times within 24 hours if that is preferred. We accept documents of all types (most commonly .doc, .docx, and .pdf). After you’ve delivered the document to us, we take care of the quality control, returning to you a document that is thoroughly edited, carefully proofread, and cleanly formatted.

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Our editors are second to none

One reason can guarantee we will improve your writing is that we hire only the best editors and proofreaders. Just one applicant out of 300 earns an English proofreading job with us. To win a position on our team, applicants must pass several intensive tests that evaluate their editing skills. All editors must have diverse educational backgrounds and years of practical proofreading experience.

It doesn’t matter whether your text is in Canadian English or U.K. English (or some other variation). Our proofreaders and editors are all native English speakers who come from the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as other countries. They are well-versed in nearly any style guide out there, including AMA and USAID. They keep up with style guide changes, so they won’t be caught off guard by updates or new advances in publishing.

We’re confident in the team we’ve assembled and we know we have an editor who fits your project. You can be confident, too, when you choose us for overnight proofreading and editing. We’ll help you convey information clearly, maintain your personal style, and meet whatever deadline you are working under. Your writing will benefit from our service and so will you.

We offer free samples of our work

To clearly see how our editors can improve your manuscript or copy without having to place a paid order, consider requesting a free sample edit.

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