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Personal narrative editing with unsurpassed quality

You have invested hours of time and loads of emotional energy into your personal narrative. Make sure your investment is not diminished by errors or statements that confuse readers. Hire a professional editor to ensure your writing achieves the level of success it deserves. ProofreadingServices.com has provided more than 10,000 clients with high-quality editing and proofreading for personal narratives, CVs, grad school applications, statements of purpose, and a wide variety of other files and documents. Our editors and proofreaders take your work, no matter what it is or what topic it addresses, and make it stand out.

Personal narratives are not all we do. Our editors work on cookbooks, novels, and many other types of documents. They possess diverse educational backgrounds and many years of experience, which enables our team to work with documents covering any subject, industry, or field of study. Our team can work quickly, if needed, without sacrificing quality. Whether your document must be edited in 3 hours or 24 hours, we apply the same level of care and precision. Whether the job is a quick two-page review for typographical errors or an in-depth review of your entire personal narrative, we can provide an editor with the skill to elevate your work.

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Editing services that fit any need

Our English editing and proofreading services are producing more appreciative clients from around the world every day. We have helped writers from New Zealand to Israel and from Riyadh to Indianapolis. Consider these other writers whose work we improved:

  • Min-ji, a S. university student, who needed editing help for her dissertation on traditional Korean poetry
  • Katherine, a staff member at a British Columbia nonprofit, who asked us to proofread a donation letter
  • Salman, a doctor at a Texas research hospital, who wanted us to edit his journal article examining prosthetic joint infections

In addition to the wide range of topics our editors can handle, we offer flexible turnaround times. If your job is urgent, we can turn it around in 12 hours or less with our express service. If editing for your personal narrative can be done over a longer period, we can accommodate times of 24 hours, 48 hours, or longer.

Requesting proofreading with us is simple. You just upload your personal narrative (.doc, .docx, or .pdf files preferred, though we accept nearly format). The rest of the job is up to us. We will edit, proofread, and format your document to your standards, adhering to whatever style guide you specify, such as AP style or Turabian. Alternatively, we can follow your customized style specifications.

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We hire only the most talented and experienced editors

ProofreadingServices.com can provide this level of service and quality because we maintain astronomically high standards for the editors we hire. We administer editing tests that even many professional editors can’t pass, and we accept only 1 of every 300 applicants for open positions. All our editors stay abreast of changes in style guides and the publishing world to ensure every writer’s content can be edited cleanly. Our English editing and proofreading hires are native English speakers from the U.S., U.K., Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and other countries that primarily speak English. For your writing in any variant, including U.K. English or Canadian English, we have an editor who can add more clarity and impact.

We’re ready to provide you with the most thorough and accurate personal narrative editing service. Not only can we improve your writing, but we can do it while meeting any deadline and maintaining your distinctive voice as a writer.

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