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Do you need a professional proofreader for your doctoral degree papers?

Few documents require as much precision and careful editing as a PhD thesis or dissertation. As a student, you want this crucial part of your education to be accurate and flawless, but you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Hire a professional editor to help your PhD thesis reach its potential.

By investing in professional editing, you ensure your hard work pays off. ProofreadingServices.com provides superior editing for PhD theses as well as other academic documents, such as biochemistry papers, journal articles, and application documents. More than 10,000 clients have acknowledged that our work significantly improved their documents, elevating them to a new level of quality and impact. The “second set of eyes” that editors and proofreaders provide ensures that embarrassing grammatical errors, typos, or unclear sentences are identified and corrected.

Editing doctoral theses is not our only specialty. Our team has edited everything from children’s books to bibliographies. No matter what the document is, quality always comes first. Whether you want our edits returned to you in two days or a week, our editors devote equal attention and detail to each job. We perform every level of editing task—from a quick read-through for typos in your thesis to deeper editing of your PhD dissertation. So, no matter what you need, we are here to lift your writing to more powerful and effective heights.

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Editing services to strengthen your PhD thesis

We’re sure our editors can enhance your writing, and we have thousands of clients who will agree. They reach out to us from around the world—from Oman, Hungary, Las Vegas, Daegu, and all points in between. Their writing spans a huge variety of topics and industries, and we are prepared to handle this diversity of editing tasks. Consider these examples:

  • Our team copyedited a scientific journal article for Matthias, a university student in Winnipeg
  • Our team proofread a PDF of a computer science article, written in LaTeX, for Quang, an Austrian university student
  • Our team reviewed a customer newsletter PDF for Erin, who works for a New Zealand nutrition company

Urgent jobs are no problem. If you want us to proofread and edit your PhD thesis in 3 hours, we can do it (depending on length). If it’s long, you can send it in one chapter at a time if you like. We also accommodate turnaround times of greater length, such as 72 hours. All you have to do is send us your document (preferably as a Word document or PDF, although we accept most file formats). We will edit, proofread, and properly format your document, then return it promptly. Our editors can adhere to any style guide you choose—IEEE, Chicago Manual of Style, or any other guide, or conform to your custom style choices. Editors stay current with style guide updates, so you won’t have to worry about anything escaping their notice.

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Experienced editors with superior skills

In order to serve writers most effectively, we use a set of editing assessments to hire only the best editors with the widest range of educational backgrounds. Our standards are so high that only 1 per 300 applicants is invited to join our team. They speak English natively and are from the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking countries. As a writer in U.S. English, Australian English, or some other variation, you can be assured we have an editor who can take your work to a new level.

Our global clients will tell you that we have not only improved their writing, but helped them reach their deadlines, too. If you’re looking to have your ideas presented in an articulate way for maximum impact, contact ProofreadingServices.com.

Review a polished sample of your work

We offer potential clients a free edited version of any short document they choose. This way, you can see for yourself how our editors can elevate your writing.

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