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Professional poetry editors ready to serve you

Even though poetry, in both form and style, is an intensely personal form of writing, it can still benefit from the careful work of a professional editor and proofreader. Before submitting your poems to a competition or a publisher, use to collaborate with an editor who can ensure your words are supremely powerful.

Our service provides top-quality editing for poetry as well as a variety of other literary works—novels, memoirs, screenplays, and more. Our +25,000 clients have used our editors to correct grammatical errors, fix typos, and clarify confusing passages, all in an effort to add impact to their work. These appreciative clients have seen the advantages a talented editor can deliver to even the best writers.

While works of poetry are a specialty, our team edits all types of documents, from blog posts to papers on chemical engineering. We make quality editing and proofreading our top priority, no matter what the job entails. We can accommodate quick turnaround times (3 hours, 72 hours, whatever you need), but we don’t sacrifice quality to meet the deadline. Every job receives the same level of attention and degree of care from our editing team.

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A suite of services to improve your writing

We are confident that if you choose, you will join our long list of delighted clients. We have helped clients from Qatar to Italy and from Louisville to Seoul by editing and proofreading their documents. In addition to editing poetry, we have performed a variety of other jobs:

  • We edited an academic CV for Karl, who works for a premier neuroscience center in Germany
  • We proofread a paper on large data center energy consumption for Frederick, a student at a prestigious university in California
  • We reviewed a journal article on subsidized housing written by Muinat, a student at a university in Saudi Arabia

Not only can we improve your writing with our thorough editing, careful proofreading, and clean formatting, but we can help you meet any deadline. We do quick jobs with short turnaround times (such as 12 hours). We can also accommodate longer turnarounds of 24 hours or more if that’s more convenient. All you need to do is place your order and send us your documents. We accept most document types, but working with .doc, .docx, and .pdf files is easiest.

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An editing team that can help you present your poem clearly

We know we can make your poetry more powerful through our careful editing and proofreading. This confidence stems from the quality of our English editing team, which has been assembled by hiring only the best editors and proofreaders from English-speaking countries—the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others. Is your verse written in Kiwi English? Canadian English? No problem. We have an editor who understands the nuances of that variation.

Our hiring standards are exceptionally high. Many editing prospects apply for our open positions, but only 1 of 300 applicants demonstrates the level of expertise we require. We look for editors who are experienced, have diverse educational backgrounds, and excel on our demanding series of proofreading skills tests. They must be familiar with the many style guides our clients use, including Chicago style and IEEE, as well as custom styles for individual clients. They keep an eye on the publishing landscape so they won’t be caught unaware of critical style updates.

Because of the quality of our editing team, we have no doubt that we are the most effective poetry editing service for your work. We are equally effective for other types of writing, whether you come to us with business English, journalistic writing, or something else. Our goal, no matter what form your writing takes, is to help you present your ideas and information clearly and with impact while also maintaining your signature voice.

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We stand by our promise to improve your writing with accurate editing and thorough proofreading. To judge our work for yourself, ask us for a free sample. We will deliver it within 24 hours after you make your request.

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