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Accurate and timely editing for your PowerPoints

All writers gain an advantage in a strong editor, no matter what form their documents take. Even a PowerPoint can be made clearer and more organized with the skills of a talented editor. At, editors and proofreaders can work with PPT files, Word documents, PDFs, LaTeX files, and more. You get top-of-the-line editing and proofreading when you work with our team. We have helped more than 25,000 clients from around the world catch typographical errors, correct grammar mistakes, and clarify weak sentences. This support helped make their documents—everything from case studies to academic papers—better and contributed to their ultimate success.

If your project is due soon, you might be relieved to know we do even last-minute jobs with turnarounds as quick as three hours and without compromising quality. We can accommodate your schedule whether you need the document back in 12 hours, 48 hours, or seven days. Our range of services is broad, too. Our online editing team can do everything from a speedy proofread to a detailed edit of your PPT files.

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Note: We do not edit PPT files directly. Instead, we will annotate a PDF of your PowerPoint slides, noting where changes need to be made so you can introduce those changes to your PPT file.

Thousands of successful writers turn to us for editing support

We guarantee our editors will improve your PPT file. Our ever-growing list of clients is proof that our editing and proofreading work is valued. From Slovenia to Costa Rica and from Stockholm to Minneapolis, writers across diverse industries have sought our help to make their documents better:

  • Trang from Vietnam needed editing help for a short film screenplay
  • Iris, who works for a Seattle media company, needed a proofreader for a .docx file converted from a PPT
  • Min-su, a South Korean university student, wanted an editor’s help for a political science paper bibliography

Working with is simple. Send your PowerPoint document (or, if you have other jobs, we accept .doc, .docx, .pdf, and most other file formats) our way. Once we receive the file, we will get to work editing, proofreading, and formatting based on your requirements. We will help you meet aggressive deadlines, too.

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Our experienced editors are qualified to complete any job

The editing team is made up of editing experts with years of professional experience and diverse educations. We are so selective that for every 300 candidates who take our English editing skills exams, only one is good enough.

They’re natives of English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. So, you can write in formal English, informal English, or any other version and we will be able to edit your document accurately. Our editors have the know-how to conform your text to any style guide, including Harvard style and APA, and they stay updated on changes to style guides and the publishing scene. They can also conform to your personal style preferences so the writing maintains your unique voice.

We have no doubt we are the most effective proofreading service for PowerPoint presentations. Our work helps writers present their ideas and information in a clear manner, adding impact to make strong documents even more powerful.

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If you’d prefer to view our editing before you place a paid order, request a sample. We’ll take on an excerpt of any document you send us within a day.

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