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Ensure your message is clear with professional editing

The last thing you want is to find a typo in the press release you just sent to hundreds of news outlets. Such errors damage your credibility and disappoint you after all the hard work you put in to produce the press release. Don’t let this happen. Instead, turn to to bring on an exceptionally skilled editor who can review your press release and ensure it is effective and well written.

More than 10,000 clients have used our service to clean up copy in press releases, marketing content, presentations, business documents, and every other kind of written material. Our service goes well beyond catching typos and grammatical errors. Our editors are also adept at clarifying passages that may be unclear to readers and making your information as powerful and compelling as it can be. The “second set of eyes” we provide to writers helps make them and their work more successful.

At, we pursue the highest quality for our work. This includes completing jobs on time, no matter how fast the deadline is approaching. If you need your press release returned in 24 hours (or even 3 hours), we can do the job. Whether you need a brisk proofread or an in-depth review, one of our professional proofreaders is the perfect person for the task.

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Trust a timely, impactful proofreading service

Our team edits more than press releases. We handle everything from case notes to certified documents. Here are examples of the different kinds of work we’ve performed for over 10,000 other clients:

  • Our team helped Wei, an undergraduate at a Canadian university, with an email to her professor
  • Editors assisted Yann in the U.K. with a family recipe cookbook
  • We worked with Andrea in South Africa on an essay she wrote about the Kyoto Protocol

As you can see, writers from everywhere in the world use our services—from South Korea and Denmark to Zurich and New York City. In addition to the quality of our work, people choose to partner with us because of how simple we make the process. You just need to send us your document. We accept most file formats (including .doc, .docx, and .pdf). We can also return edited documents to you at whatever time you specify. Choose from among our express service, such as 6 hours, or longer turnaround times, like 7 days. No matter what is required, we will work with you to make your press release a success.

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Find an editor perfectly suited for your job

To guarantee that our service will improve your writing, we have assembled a talented team. Our team of top editors and proofreaders is the cream of the crop, the mere 0.3% of applicants who show proficiency on a sequence of tricky examinations.

Our team is made up of English speakers residing in the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere who possess rich educational backgrounds and years of editing experience. They are well versed in common style guides (including Harvard, AP, and Turabian) and keep track of guide updates. They can also edit to any custom style you provide and take great care to preserve your unique writer’s voice.

You may have written your presentation in scientific English, academic English, or some other style or variation. Either way, we have an editor who can help you meet your deadline with a press release that is clear, concise, and compelling.

Get something for nothing

If you want to see an example of what our editors can do, just ask. You can be assured we’ll do a great job before you pay for an order.

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