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Be confident in your reference and citation formatting thanks to our professional editors.

Formatting references and citations is tedious, time-consuming work. You’d much rather be dedicating your time to writing, researching, or even relaxing after all the hard work you’ve put into your paper. That’s where comes in. Our professional editors are proficient at reference and citation formatting, so you no longer have to worry. From journal articles to master’s level dissertations to PhD theses, we’ll ensure your references and citations are good to go. Our editors have proofread thousands of papers before yours, in various disciplines and following an assortment of style guides, so their expertise is unquestionable. Proper formatting in your references and citations reflects professionalism and can boost your reputation, while failing to adhere to your style guide’s specifications can damage your credibility. The investment in a high-quality proofreading service is worth it.

While we’re happy to edit any academic documents you might have, that’s not all we edit. We’d be equally delighted to help you with your business documents or children’s book manuscript. No matter what, we always apply the same high level of accuracy to our edits, even if you request a turnaround time of just 3 hours. We can deeply review your entire paper, helping you with clarity and structure, or we can zoom in on your reference and citation issues—the level of editing is entirely up to you. When it comes to your paper, your wish is our command.

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We can format references and citations for just about any document.

All around the world are writers in need of editing services, whether they’re from Switzerland or China. Across various industries and disciplines, the need for quality proofreading persists, and that’s why we serve thousands of clients from Philadelphia to Ankara. See below for a small sample of our satisfied clients:

  • Stefano from a hospital in New York City with a report on post-operative capnography monitoring
  • David from a top university in Canada with a grant proposal for a land-based learning project
  • Miyoung from Daejeon with a collection of poetry

Don’t have much time before you need to submit your paper? No worries. As long as you have a few hours to spare, we can still edit your document and format your references and citations. With various turnaround options, including 6 hours and 48 hours, our editors have you covered in all scenarios. Whether your text is in a Word document or a PDF file, all you have to do is submit it to our team. We’ll take care of the editing, proofreading, and formatting so you don’t have to.

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We’re the top 0.3% of the editing world.

An editor has to be unusually skilled to earn a spot on the editing team. To vet proofreading candidates, we have them take a number of extremely arduous editing assessments, which only 1 in 300 applicants can pass. As native English speakers who grew up in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere, our editors have a tight grasp of all the intricacies of the English language. With extensive training and experience in the editing realm, they’re remarkably qualified to edit your documents. Our editors are also well versed in a wide range of style guides, including USAID and AMA style. By keeping tabs on the most common style guides, our proofreaders can always expertly format your references and citations.

If you need your reference list, in-text citations, and footnotes or endnotes checked, go with us. We’re highly experienced professionals with vast experience formatting references and citations as well as editing and proofreading documents of all types. We can use US English, UK English, or any other type of English in our edits, and we guarantee we’ll return your document by the deadline you set for us.

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We want you to be comfortable placing a paid proofreading order with us. That’s why we’re happy to dispel your doubts by offering a free editing sample. Up to 300 words within 24 hours—that’s enough to show you how great our editors are!

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