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How professional editing and proofreading can boost your research paper’s credibility

Your research paper is important. You want all the time and energy you invested in the paper to pay off. Don’t let a typo or a careless grammatical error weaken your otherwise stellar research paper. Contact ProofreadingServices.com to secure the services of a professional editor and proofreader who can serve as a highly trained “second set of eyes.”

Whether you are writing a research paper, journal article, bibliography, or abstract, an experienced editor can help you find and correct typographical errors, grammar mistakes, unclear explanations, and other flaws that can devalue your work. Over 25,000 clients, including successful academics and researchers, have consulted our editing team to make their papers clearer and more trustworthy.

Editing research papers is one of our fortes, but our team proofreads and edits a wide variety of documents, from biology papers to electrical engineering journal articles. They maintain strict quality standards but are also able to meet any deadline. Whether you need editing within six hours or 24 hours, our team will deliver a well-edited, meticulously proofread, and neatly formatted document.

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Statement of ethics: We edit and proofread research papers, but we don't paraphrase or rewrite existing papers, and we don't offer research paper writing services.

Why our editors stand out from the competition

The strength of our editing team comes from its members’ collective ability to handle almost any subject matter in any format. Our thousands of global clients include:

  • Natasha, who is a copywriter in Minneapolis and needed editing help with a clothing company catalogue
  • Claire, who attends a university in Boston and requested proofreading assistance with a research paper on biomaterials for bone repair
  • Yulia, who works at a food company in Denmark and needed help with a report on plant-based protein sources

As you can see, writers living everywhere from Thailand and Canada to Pittsburgh and Izmir use our service. We aim to make working with us as easy as possible. For instance, we offer a variety of turnaround times, such as express service of 12 hours or longer periods of up to seven days. You can submit your research paper to us in nearly any format, including .doc, .docx, and .pdf. That’s all you need to do—we handle the rest.

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Why we are the top choice for research paper editing

Our clients choose us because the talent and experience of our editing team are unparalleled. We have high standards for the editors we hire. When English proofreading positions open up, hundreds of editors try their hand at our herculean editing tests. Only 0.3% score high enough and receive an invitation to become a team member. We work hard to find the most detail-oriented and experienced editors to help you communicate your thoughts clearly and in a compelling fashion.

Our team is adept at editing in a wide range of tones, such as academic English and scientific English, as well understanding geographic and regional variations of the language. Our English-speaking expert editors are natives of the U.S., the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. They are proficient in nearly every style guide, including APA and OSCOLA, and can work with customized styles, too. The educational and professional backgrounds of our editors ensure that one of them is an ideal fit for your research paper.

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If you still need to be convinced that we are the right proofreading service for your research paper, ask to see a sample of our work and judge for yourself the impact our editors can make on your writing.

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