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In need of an experienced editor and proofreader?

A successful research proposal requires a tremendous amount of work, but the final product can be life-changing. Don’t compromise that work by letting errors slip through. Hire an editor skilled at catching and correcting grammatical errors, typos, and other flaws you might not see in your research proposal.

At, our editors are dedicated to improving any type of writing—research proposals, journal articles, research papers, abstracts, and more. They do far more than catch misspellings. They can clarify ambiguous statements, strengthen weak paragraphs, and help ensure consistency. In short, they can raise the standard of your writing. Our team has pleased more than 10,000 clients around the world—from Portland to Dubai—who can share how we’ve made their work better.

From biochemistry papers to computer science articles, our team of editing experts can handle any type of writing. Their rich educational backgrounds and years spent proofreading professionally ensure that there is an editor with the right skills and knowledge to effectively edit your research proposal.

Quality comes first, but we also understand the importance of delivering your edited research proposal on time. We don’t rush through our work, but our editors can meet any deadline you propose, whether it is 7 days, 24 hours, or 12 hours. We even offer express service in as little as 3 hours.

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What makes our proofreading service the right one for your research proposal?

We have no doubt about the strength of our editing team, so we guarantee their work will bolster your writing. From Turkey to Belgium, writers everywhere turn to us for research proposal editing and an objective review of their other documents, which cover a wide range of subject matter. Consider these examples:

  • Our team edited a PowerPoint presentation for a company meeting produced by Anders, who works at a startup in Oslo
  • Our team proofread a website’s About Us section for Ahmed, who works at a Chicago accounting firm
  • Our team helped shorten a bio on the back cover of a fiction book for Ana, a Houston-based author

To make our editing services convenient for clients, we accept almost all file formats (.doc, .docx, and .pdf are easiest to edit). Once you’ve uploaded your document, our editors will follow whatever style guide you prefer (including MLA and Bluebook). They track updates to these guides, so there’s no need for concern about missing any new style points. They can also follow custom style specifications you dictate.

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What makes our team so effective?

Hiring the most experienced and meticulous editors is what sets us apart from the competition. Hundreds apply for open English proofreading positions. We sort the best from the rest with a sequence of tough tests, and just 1 in 300 applicants makes it onto the team.

We can accommodate any style or variation of English. If you write in Canadian English, we have English-speaking editors from Canada who understand the nuances of Canadian English. If you write in U.K. English, we have editors from the United Kingdom as well as Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.

We have helped many successful academics and researchers improve their papers and projects while also maintaining their distinctive voice and style. Even under tight deadlines, our editors have added clarity and consistency to thousands of articles, proposals, books, and more. Consider joining our growing list of delighted clients today.

Do you need more evidence we are the right service for you?

Maybe you would feel more confident working with us if you saw a sample of our work. No problem. Just send us a few paragraphs from your document and we’ll send them back soon, looking better than ever.

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