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Writing a romance novel, but falling out of love with the revision process?

Like all writers, successful romance novelists understand the value of a skilled editor who can take great writing and make it even better. A sharp editor can spot errors and plot holes, which is crucial for both your book and your personal brand.

Considering the time and energy you’ve invested in your romance manuscript, it would be a shame to publish it in less-than-polished condition. Make a wise investment by engaging the service of a proven editor who can eliminate errors and unclear sentences from your work. ProofreadingServices.com introduces writers to top-flight editors and proofreaders adept at working in any genre, including romance, or with any type of document. More than 25,000 clients have relied on us to refine and enliven their novels, short stories, screenplays, and other works.

Whether the job requires checking for typos in a few chapters or heavily revising the entire manuscript, quality is always our first priority. Your document will receive the same high level of care and attention no matter when you need it returned. If your romance editing job is urgent, we can help. We can serve you within turnaround times of 12 hours or 3 hours (or longer times like 24 hours or 48 hours).

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Our proofreading service can be your writing soul mate

We are an international company with clients from Bahrain to Edinburgh to Sacramento and everywhere in between. Their topics span a multitude of industries. This might pose a problem for other editing services, but because our team members’ educations are multidisciplinary, we are able to assign an editor with appropriate subject matter knowledge.

Our client list keeps growing because we guarantee the work of our English editors and proofreaders. Their skills extend far beyond romance editing. As you can see in these examples, we are able to handle practically any document on any topic:

  • We helped Erin, who works for a New Zealand nutrition company, edit a customer newsletter PDF
  • We worked with Amita, who teaches at a premier research university in Delhi, on a journal article examining agricultural productivity
  • We partnered with Valery, a student at a top university in Russia, to finalize an electrochemistry research paper

How can you work with ProofreadingServices.com? Just send your romance writing to us in one of these file formats: .doc, .docx, or .pdf (although we can edit most other file types). Your manuscript will appear in your inbox with a makeover by the time your deadline arrives. It’s really that easy!

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Our editing service is “the one”

At ProofreadingServices.com, we take pride in the great return on investment that we provide to our clients. We empower your writing by removing errors, suggesting more effective words and phrases, and maintaining your distinctive voice and style.

To do this, we have assembled a stellar team of online editors and proofreaders. When proofreading jobs open up, we are flooded with applications. We take quality so seriously, we select just 1 candidate in 300, separating the elite candidates from the good ones with a sequence of tests that look easier than they are.

Because we hire native English speakers (from the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), you can write in Canadian English, U.K. English, or any other variation. If you’re working on an academic or research papers, you can also write in any style you prefer. Our editors know the common style guides (including USAID and AMA) and can edit to suit your specific style choices, too. They keep their eyes open for style updates, so you can be confident they won’t miss anything in their reviews.

We’re sure you’ll find us to be the best proofreading and editing service for your romance manuscript, and we’d love to work with you.

Let’s get to know each other

We’ve told you all about ourselves, but how can you really know what we’re like? Send us a short excerpt from your romance novel or another document, and we’ll show you how we work.

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