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“Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small, unregarded comma.” If you love science fiction, you probably recognize that opening line, but wait—it wasn’t about a comma, was it?

A small, unregarded comma or the difference one word makes in a sentence are too important to overlook if you’re pursuing excellent writing. That’s why you need a skilled editor who can root out errors that writers don’t always see after reading the copy possibly hundreds of times. Editors can identify sentences and paragraphs that are unclear and suggest sections that need strengthening. Finding an editor who can do this specifically for science fiction writing can be difficult, but ProofreadingServices.com makes the process simple. We can assign an editor from our stellar team to edit and proofread your science fiction in whatever form it takes—novel, screenplay, or short story.

Our growing list of more than 25,000 clients can attest to the value of an unbiased look at their writing. You put too much work into your writing to risk turning readers away with errors or repetitive vocabulary. So, whatever editing task you have—from light copyediting to intensive proofreading—invest in our editing service and make your science fiction as compelling as it can be.

Our English online editors and proofreaders work with more than fiction. They can review anything from appeal letters and business documents to other forms of creative writing. Although our focus is always on quality, we also aim to get the job done on time. We work within whatever deadline you propose—anytime from 7 days to 12 hours. We even offer an express service of 3 hours.

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Authoritative proofreaders specializing in science fiction writing

Our global clientele stretches from Vietnam to Turkey and from San Diego to Glasgow. The topics our editors are able to handle are just as vast as our client list. In addition to all types of fiction, we have experience editing in numerous industries and academic disciplines. These are just a few of the wide-ranging projects we have worked on recently:

  • A paper focused on energy consumption in large data centers by Frederick, a student at a premier university in California
  • An author bio for a fiction manuscript by Ana, a Houston-based author
  • An abstract for a journal article on soil erosion by Victor, who works for a top research institution in Brazil

To help writers, we make it as easy as possible to work with our editors. All you have to do is send your document to us. We accept nearly any file format (we find it easiest to work with .doc, .docx, and .pdf). We will return your document fully edited, thoroughly proofread, and formatted according to your instructions.

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An experienced editing team that can handle any job

In order to serve various clients who write in every style and on every subject, we have assembled an editing team that is second to none. We maintain high standards for our editors, so the editing skills tests that all potential team members must face are rigorous and demanding. Only the most skilled, educated, and experienced professional editors can ace them, and those are the 0.3% who make the team.

Whether you write in formal or informal English, we have an editor on the team who is perfect for your document. They are all natives of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking countries. Besides editing fiction, we also specialize in academic and research papers that align with any of the common style guides, such as AMA or USAID. Our editors can accommodate your personal style instructions and always work to maintain your voice.

We’d love to see you among our grateful clients who have experienced the advantages of our editing and proofreading services. As a science fiction writer collaborating with ProofreadingServices.com, you’ll see mistakes and inconsistencies in your writing disappear into nothingness, like in the endings of your favorite sci-fi novels.

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If you’re wondering whether our services will be as good as we say they are, you might like this experiment: Send in a small portion of your text. We’ll apply our expertise and send it back to you in 24 hours or less, transformed. There’s no cost, and we predict that you’ll like what you find.

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