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Successful screenwriters don’t just rely on their own eyes to edit their work. They employ a skilled editor and proofreader who can zoom in for an extreme close-up. If you’re looking for quality editing services for your screenplay, novel, short story, or other writing, turn to More than 10,000 people, from Austria and Vietnam to London and Seattle, have relied on us to provide comprehensive editing and proofreading services for a wide variety of work. We’ve helped writers present their ideas in a clear and captivating way for everything from academic papers to case studies.

Our skilled team works carefully but swiftly, helping you not only produce quality work but produce it on time. Our zeal for first-class proofreading doesn’t slow us down; we provide a range of turnaround times to accommodate any schedule (anywhere from six hours to 24 hours or longer). We have editors ready to perform whatever job you need, from an urgent proofreading task to an in-depth edit of your screenplay, all with a focus on accuracy and clarity.

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Clients, all industries and countries, send files. edits them.

We invite you to join our expanding list of clients who represent a considerable range of industries and academic subjects. Beyond screenplays, we have also edited:

  • A Chicago-style manuscript about Korean cuisine written by Ji-hoon in South Korea
  • An essay about the Kyoto Protocol written by Andrea in South Africa
  • An application for the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree program by Xin at a top university in Melbourne

In addition to providing quick turnarounds (12-hour express service is an option), we make it remarkably easy to secure our services. Your only responsibility is to send us your document. Almost any file format will work, though we prefer to edit Microsoft Word documents and PDFs. Once we receive your screenplay, we will edit, proofread, and format it. Our editing team is expert in nearly every common style guide, including IEEE and AP style. The team watches for style guide updates, too. In addition, we can incorporate any screenplay formatting style you might need to use.

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Editing team, educated and seasoned, takes on any job.

What drives our success—and the success of our writer clients—is the talent of our editing team. The team consists of only the most skilled and experienced editors with the strongest and most varied educational backgrounds. Only one applicant of every 300 makes the cut after undergoing multiple challenging skills exams.

Your screenplay is likely written in a particular style of English, such as Australian English or American English. We have editors who specialize in these varieties. Our team is composed of English speakers from the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

With a skilled, experienced team ready to work with you, screenwriting success doesn’t have to be a long shot.


If you’d prefer to get an idea of what our services are like before you pay for them, it’s no problem at all. Simply upload a short document, and we’ll edit and return it in under 24 hours for free.

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