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Distinguish your statement of purpose from the pack with skilled editing

Writing a statement of purpose is an important task, but it’s only the beginning. Editing your statement of purpose is just as crucial. Without a proficient editor and proofreader to review your statement, you run the risk of submitting it with typos, grammatical errors, or even sentences that make less than perfect sense. is your source of accomplished editors and proofreaders who can make sure what you’ve written is clean and expressive.

Students everywhere use our service to write statements of purpose that turn selection committees’ heads. With more than 25,000 approving clients from Bahrain to the U.S. to Vietnam, we are the premier editing agency for statements of purpose as well as CVs, graduate school applications, personal statements, and a host of other documents. We make sure your ideas and information are clear and effectively presented.

Whether we are proofreading a white paper or editing a blog post, we strive for superior work. We also commit to delivering the finished document on time, under any deadline. Even if you need our express service of 3 hours, we will get your SOP to you on time, thoroughly edited and neatly formatted. Of course, our team of online proofreaders is ready to help within any turnaround time—12 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, or longer.

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Your writing can be spectacular with our team’s assistance

It’s inevitable that our editors’ work will invigorate your statement of purpose. Just ask the plethora of clients in the US, and as far away as Guelph and Melbourne, who have partnered with us to achieve their writing goals. Your industry or academic subject is no object; we have an editor whose knowledge and skills are an ideal fit for your job. You can see the depth and breadth of our work in these recent examples:

  • We polished a scientific journal review article for Matthias, a student at a prestigious university in Winnipeg
  • We edited an eBook on Brazilian pop music for Luis, a composer in Brazil
  • We proofread a conference presentation on chronic disease in children for Oliver, a medical student in Austria

Once you’ve placed your order, all you need to do is send us your document. We accept most file types (including .doc, .docx, and .pdf).

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Our purpose is to serve you, and there’s no one better equipped

The team at is unlike any other because of our unconventional method of identifying top candidates. We put every applicant through the wringer with a set of exceedingly difficult exams, and very few pass muster—1 in 300. These are the editors you get to work with when you become one of our clients.

They’ve developed this world-class expertise through long experience and training, and they have in-depth knowledge of any style guide you might use, such as Harvard referencing and AMA style. Their mastery extends to style guide updates as they occur and they can implement custom styles requested by our clients.

Our editors speak and write expertly in English since they’ve all grown up in English-speaking countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They understand the little differences between English spoken in, say, England versus Australia, as well as different tones (such as journalistic, academic, or business English).

Your search for a reliable editing and proofreading service need not go on. The expertise and abilities of our editing team will enrich your statement of purpose (or any other document) so you can show the selection committee your best effort.

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