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Editing you can trust for statistics-heavy papers

Percent or %? Commas or decimal points? P value or p-value? If you’re studying statistics or use statistics to supplement your writing and support key points, you know a statistic that’s misinterpreted can devalue your work and weaken your credibility. This is why you need an editor and proofreader who can identify and correct errors, carefully check charts and tables, and ensure consistent and easily understandable presentation.

ProofreadingServices.com links you to talented editors who specialize in editing statistical documents and are also capable of working with reports, research papers, journal articles, and a broad array of other textual works. Our many previous clients have said that our editing team enhanced their documents by eliminating typos, strengthening word choices, ensuring consistent formatting, pointing out unclear explanations, and more.

From biomedical articles to books of poetry, we perform the full range of editing and proofreading tasks for a vast assortment of documents. If you need a quick proofread of your final document done in 6 hours, we have an editor dedicated to excellence who can do the job. If you need a heavy revision of the first draft of your statistics document done in 72 hours, we have an editor ready to meet those requirements. You can count on us for whatever editing support you need.

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Proofreading that can catch hard-to-spot errors

Myriads of writers from Belgium to Turkey, from Halifax to Sydney—agree that our work has been critical to their success. The subjects of their writing include everything from technology and business to gardening and sociology. For example, we have helped

  • Michael, a lawyer at a California firm, with a blog post addressing property division and divorce;
  • Miyoung, a writer in South Korea, with a poetry collection; and
  • Nawal, a research assistant at a hospital in Jordan, with a study on wound debridement and open fractures.

If you’re running out of time to finish your document, you might be interested in our express service, which gets your edited document back to you in 3 hours. You can also choose from longer turnaround times, such as 48 hours or 7 days—whatever suits your timeline.

We accept most file formats when you send documents to us for editing, though we prefer Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx) and PDFs. Once you’ve sent us your document and indicated your deadline, relax. We’re hard at work for you.

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Numbers you can’t ignore

We guarantee our work will improve your paper. This is a bold statement and one we feel confident making because of our highly skilled, hard-working team. Consider these facts:

  • Of legions of applicants, only 1 in 300 is good enough for our team. These top editors exhibit varied educational backgrounds, years of editing experience, and the sharpest eye for detail, as demonstrated on our formidable editing exams.
  • Over 10,000 clients in over 100 countries have ordered and approved our editing services.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our editors come from English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Any style of English you use to compose your work is fine—academic English, scientific English, or some other variation. They are adept at editing according to the most-used style guides (including AMA and USAID) and stay informed about changes to styles or publishing developments that are relevant to your document. If you have custom style instructions, they can follow those, too.

A risk-free offer

We think there’s a high probability you’ll be pleased with our services. If you’d like a bit more certainty before you pay for an order, try a free sample.

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