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Writing a UCAS personal statement can be a daunting task. It’s a critical element in the application for British universities and one that deserves the utmost attention. can help take some of this pressure off applicants by connecting them with editors specializing in personal statements.

When writing your UCAS personal statement, you want to ensure it represents your best effort and your greatest abilities. This can only happen when you invest in the services of a skilled editor and proofreader. All writers, no matter how skilled they are, become blind to mistakes in their writing after many revisions, even when they’re editing carefully. The impartial perspective of an experienced editor is critical to successful writing—even for something as straightforward as a UCAS personal statement.

More than 25,000 clients look to for editors who help them with personal statements, academic papers, theology documents, bibliographies, and much more. We’ve earned their trust by spotting typos, grammatical errors, poorly structured sentences, obscured messages, and other areas that can be refined. The services we offer vary to meet your needs, from a comprehensive overhaul to an intense proofread, and any level between them.

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We edit personal statements and other documents by writers on every continent

Our work has made a global impact, as we have attracted thousands of clients from Canada to the United Arab Emirates and from Jakarta to Copenhagen. We work with a variety of writers from various industries and academic disciplines. No topic or type of writing is unfamiliar to us:

  • We helped Paul in Montreal with a promotional video script
  • We worked with Rasim in the Netherlands to clean up release notes for a health and fitness mobile app
  • We assisted Min-su in South Korea with revisions of a political science paper bibliography

Your UCAS personal statement will be in good hands with us. Our attention to quality is unmatched and our pursuit of excellence is relentless, but we also emphasize efficient work. We can meet any deadline you’re up against. If you need the editing done fast, we have express service that delivers an edited document in 3 hours. Or, you might prefer a longer turnaround time of anywhere from 12 hours to 7 days.

To begin, submit your UCAS personal statement to us as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF file. We accept most other file types as well. Indicate your deadline and then we will assign an editor to your job. The editor will go to work on your text, raising the standard of your writing and even formatting the document for you.

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We maintain a hard-working, magnificently knowledgeable editing team

The primary reason we have attracted such a large client base is that our team of editors is unrivaled. We set the bar so high, just 1 of 300 applicants gets our attention. To ensure we hire the best of the best, we try editing candidates’ skills with several exacting assessments.

Every major style guide, including the Associated Press and Turabian manuals, is under the purview of this group, including guide updates and new trends. These editors don’t miss a thing. They can incorporate your custom style if needed and always work to support rather than talk over your writing voice. We also hire English speakers from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, so cultural and geographic English differences are no problem.

The tone of your English writing fits with your industry—a businessperson doesn’t write like a journalist, for example—and your work will be reviewed by an editor whose skills and talent align seamlessly with that tone. The editing you receive will be both impressive and punctual, and so will your personal statement.

Our service is exemplary, and we can prove it

We stand by our work. To see how our editing can advance your finished writing, ask to see a free sample.

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