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Trust editorial experts to proofread your college or university application.

Your college application is one of the most important documents of your life, harnessing the ability to change your future. You can’t afford to let silly typos or unclear wording cost you a spot at your dream college. That’s where ProofreadingServices.com comes in. Our highly experienced proofreading team will ensure your university application highlights your strengths as well as your unique voice and writing style. Having already satisfied +10,000 clients, we’re confident in our team’s ability to improve your writing and help you gain admission to your top university. Don’t underestimate the power of professional proofreading for a document as important as your college or university application.

We love editing university applications because we know we’re helping diligent scholars achieve their dreams and change the world. However, that’s not all we edit—we can improve all your documents, from technical documents to poetry. We offer various turnaround times, such as 48 hours or seven days, to fit your needs, but one thing we’ll never do is sacrifice quality. You always get the same level of care from our expert proofreaders, whether you need us to pore over every aspect of your college application or give it a light review to remove grammatical errors. Your success is our success.

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Can we provide the editing services you need for your college application?

We’re confident that we can. Why? Because we’ve already helped thousands of clients, including countless students, achieve their goals. University applications are among the most common documents we proofread, so we have extensive experience helping you sell your best qualities to college admissions teams. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from China or Switzerland, or whether the university you want to attend is in Saskatoon or Helsinki. You may be applying to a computer science, psychology, or physics program. Either way, we’ll help you just like we helped these clients:

  • Quang from a leading university in Austria with a PDF of a computer science article written in LaTeX
  • Stefano from a hospital in New York City with a report on post-operative cardiology monitoring
  • Layal from a renowned university in Toronto with an APA-style reflection paper on business ethics

We can help you fast, too. If you need urgent proofreading—say, within three or six hours—we’ll take care of it for you. Our proofreaders always deliver the same high level of quality whether they edit your document in 12 hours or 72 hours, so we encourage you to choose the turnaround option that works best for you. If your text is a PDF or Microsoft Word document, we’ll accept it. Place your proofreading order when you’re ready, and our editing experts will begin eliminating typos and improving the flow and clarity.

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Editing expertise you can count on.

At ProofreadingServices.com, we administer extremely challenging proofreading assessments to all prospective editors. Only one out of every 300 candidates passes—and those are the only ones we hire. They come from major Anglophone countries like Canada, Australia, the US, Ireland, the UK, and New Zealand, and they boast extensive editorial experience, including in-depth knowledge of major style guides like APA style or OSCOLA style. On top of that, they possess specialized knowledge in various other fields, making them uniquely suited to edit technical documents. Overall, our editing professionals are experts in every sense, so we guarantee top-level quality for every proofreading order.

If you’re looking for the best university application editing service on the internet, you’ve found it. We’re serious about helping scholars gain admission to the colleges they’re aiming for, and we do that by eradicating silly typos, helping you convey your ideas clearly and effectively, and highlighting the strengths of your unique writing style. We also make sure you meet your deadline, every time.

Let us show you our editing prowess.

Would you like to see a sample of our editing expertise before you place a paid order? No problem—we’re happy to offer free samples. Just request one below, and we’ll return 300 edited words within 24 hours.

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