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Much smaller than its neighbor to the east, Russia, Ukraine is often overlooked. But Ukraine is itself a powerful country, with its population of more than 40 million and its growing economy. While Ukraine’s economy is not as developed as those of its counterparts in Western Europe, the country is on its way up, marking an ideal opportunity for foreign businesses to establish a presence in Ukraine. At the same time as foreign companies move into Ukraine, native Ukrainian businesses are expanding outward, particularly those in the tech sector.

The primary language in Ukraine is, of course, Ukrainian, with Russian spoken natively by a minority. While the languages may look similar to the uninitiated, they exhibit a number of differences and are generally not mutually intelligible. So, if you want to convey a message to the Ukrainian people, hiring professional Ukrainian translators is the best way to do it. Here at, with our professional Ukrainian translation team, we can help.

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What Translators Face When Translating Ukrainian

As an East Slavic language, Ukrainian does bear a number of similarities to Russian. It is a highly inflectional language, making use of three genders, two numbers, and seven cases. By default, Ukrainian is a subject-verb-object language—like all Slavic languages—but it has relatively free word order thanks to its high degree of inflection, allowing speakers to construct other word orders to create different nuances.

If Ukrainian’s nouns, which decline for gender, number, and case, weren’t complicated enough, verbs also undergo extensive inflection. With Ukrainian verbs conjugating for four tenses, two voices, three persons, and two numbers, a huge number of inflectional possibilities exist for each verb. In Ukrainian, verbs don’t inflect for aspect because they follow the Slavic-wide practice of using separate verbs for the perfective and imperfective aspects. These verb pairs are usually identifiable, distinguished by a prefix or sometimes a root change. In fact, a single root verb can have any number of derived sibling verbs thanks to the large inventory of verbal prefixes in Ukrainian. This allows Ukrainian speakers to zero in on the manner of a given action, expressing exactly how it was completed.

With so much complexity in Ukrainian, it’s no wonder people struggle to learn it. Our Ukrainian translators are trained professionals in the language, so you don’t have to worry—we can always craft high-quality, reliable Ukrainian translations.

Ukrainian Translation Services for Anyone Who Needs Them

  • Ukrainian business translation. With a group of business translation experts populating our Ukrainian translation team, we’re proud to offer reliable translation services for business plans, financial reports, press releases, website copy, and more. With our translations, you can connect more deeply with your new Ukrainian customers—or your new worldwide clientele.
  • Ukrainian literary translation. Art matters—and it’s important that a population has access to art in their native language. Our literary translators love bringing new literary masterpieces to the Ukrainian people with our careful translation into Ukrainian. Our parallel service involves translating Ukrainian works into English, helping Ukrainian authors tell their stories to an audience around the world.
  • Ukrainian academic translation. Academic translation requires special care—a translator must be well versed in the academic conventions of both languages as well as possess detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. Ukrainian academics—and foreign academics looking to translate into Ukrainian—are in luck, because our translation team is brimming with subject-matter experts in a range of fields who are passionate about breaking down the language barrier between Ukrainian and English in academia.

    With us, you never have to worry about the pitfalls of machine translation because we rely 100% on human translators. We accommodate any special requests you might have to ensure your translation meets your needs. Our turnaround options are also broad, allowing you to choose the specific deadline that works for you. So, whether you’re in Kyiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnipro, or Kharkiv, our Ukrainian translators can help you.

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