List of 48 Verbs Related to Crying

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Need verbs of cry? This list of relevant terms will help you. In it, you'll find verbs that relate to the various different actions associated with the concept of crying.
bawl cry one's heart out howl sob
be in tears cry out keen squall
bellow cry out for lament squeal
bleat cry over spilt milk mewl wail
call cry over/about mourn weep
cry cry tears of rage/frustration/pain roar whimper
cry as if one's heart would break cry with pain/happiness/relief/rage scream whine
cry for cry yourself to sleep screech whoop
cry foul crying shed tears yawp
cry off exclaim shout yell
cry on someone’s shoulder for crying out loud shriek yelp
cry one's eyes out grieve snivel yowl