List of 448 Verbs With One Syllable

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Seeking short, punchy words of action to give your text dynamism? Here's a list of verbs of one syllable. You should be able to find whatever you need in this collection.
back drag lack sack
bake draw lamb sail
bald drop lame salt
bale drug land sand
ball drum lard scan
band duck last scar
bang dung lead seal
bank dust leaf seat
barb ease lean seed
bard edge lick seek
bare etch lift sham
bark face like shed
base fade lime ship
bash fail line shoe
bathe fake link shop
bead fall list shut
beam fear live side
bean feed load sigh
bear feel loan sign
beef file lock sing
beep fill loft sink
bell film long site
belt fire loom size
bend fish loop skin
best fizz lope slam
bike flag lord sled
bill flail lose slim
bird flaunt love slow
bite flay lube snap
blow flex lure snow
blue flip lust soak
bode flop mail soap
boil flout make soil
bolt foist mark sole
bomb fold mask sour
bond fool mate span
bone foot meet spin
book ford melt spot
boom fork mill star
boot form mine stay
bore foul mint stem
boss free miss step
bowl fret mist stew
brad fuel mold stop
brew full moon surf
buck fund move swag
burn fuse mute swan
bush fuss nail swim
buzz gall near sync
cage game neck take
cake gang need talk
calm gape nest tank
camp gate nose tape
cane gear note task
cant gift numb team
card glue pace tell
care golf pack tend
carp goof page tent
cart gray pain thin
case grin pair tick
cash grow palm tide
cast hack pant tile
cave hail pare time
char hale peak ting
chat hand peep tink
chew hang pick tint
chin hare ping tire
chip harm pink tour
chop harp pipe trap
clam hate plan tree
claw have play trip
cloy hawk poke tube
club head pole turf
clue hear pool twin
coal heat pose twit
coat help pout veil
code herd prate vein
coil hide pray vent
coin hill prey vest
comb hive pump view
come hold quit vote
cook hole quiz wade
cool home rack wait
cope hone raft wake
cord hood rage walk
core hook rail wall
cork hoop rain ward
corn hoot rant ware
cost hope rate warm
crab horn rave wash
crew hose raze wear
crop host read weed
crow hulk ream weep
cure hunt rear well
curl hurt rent whip
dare inch rest will
dart itch rick wind
dash jack ride wine
dawn jade ring wing
deal jazz rise wink
deck joke risk wire
dice josh robe wish
dine jump rock wolf
ding keen roll word
dish keep roof work
diss kick room worm
dive kill root wrap
dock kiss rope wreak
dong kite rout yarn
doom knot rove yell
dope know rule zone
down lace rust zoom