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If you’re looking for clear, concise, effective writing that helps you achieve your goals, whether they’re academic, professional, literary, or personal, you’ve come to the right place. Here at ProofreadingServices.com, our team of leading proofreaders and editors can help you transform any piece of writing into a masterpiece, whether you’re looking for a deep, structural edit or a quick review to check for grammatical errors. We help writers all around Cambridge, so whether you frequent the Fitzwilliam Museum or Cambridge University Botanic Garden, our editors would be delighted to assist you. We believe all writers deserve an editing service that helps them make their work the best it can be, and we’re proud to be that editing service for Cambridge writers.

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Can our editing team meet your high standards?

In a word, yes. We fully believe in the skills and expertise of our top-level editors and proofreaders, who’ve already served clients from around Cambridge and the world. Our editing experts work with writers from all industries and disciplines—it’s easy for us because we hire proofreaders from around the world with diverse experience and knowledge. So, whether you’re a student, business owner, or novelist, we’re confident our team of professional proofreaders can serve your editing needs.

  • We’d be delighted to help academics at the University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, or Cambridge Regional College, whether they work in biology, psychology, or computer science. Our academic editors cover a wide range of disciplines and are well versed in all the major style guides, making them the ideal professionals to offer guidance on your academic writing.
  • We’re passionate about helping Cambridge businesses thrive, whether they’re located in King’s Hedges or Central Cambridge. For any business, it’s crucial that your communications are clear, concise, effective, and free of grammatical errors, and that’s what our editing experts can help you with, whether you want us to edit a business plan, a team newsletter, or website copy.
  • A beautiful, historical city like Cambridge, England, attracts countless immigrants and tourists, who bring with them their own languages. Our English-language editing services are open to everyone, native speaker or not. So, if you’re a Punjabi speaker who’d like help with a cover letter for a job or a Chinese speaker who wants a native-speaking professional editor to look over your research paper, just reach out to our team.
  • Of course, anyone else is welcome to contact our team for editing assistance as well. We’re open to helping anyone who needs English proofreading, regardless of why!

Just send us your proofreading document, and we’ll touch it up for you—you don’t have to worry anymore.

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How skilled are our proofreading professionals?

It’s no easy feat to land a spot on our editing team. First, we only accept English native speakers, but we hire proofreaders from all sorts of Anglophone countries for maximum dialectical diversity. Second, we vet all editing candidates for experience, taking those with extensive expertise in proofreading, editing, and writing. Finally, we subject all remaining proofreading applicants to a strict set of editing tests and ultimately hire those who pass. Not many applicants survive the whole process: Only one out of every 300 candidates passes our rigorous tests.

This is why we’re able to claim we’re the best editing service in Cambridge. For the 124,000 writers—be they professors, business leaders, poets, or others—in Cambridge, our editors are on standby for your proofreading projects. Our guarantee is accurate, high-quality edits returned before your deadline, every time. 

Our editors can’t wait to start working on your proofreading project.

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A proofreading sample can be yours for free.

If you don’t have as much confidence in our team yet as we do, that’s okay—it’s just because you haven’t seen their work for yourself yet. Just request a free sample at the link below, and our editors will return your edited document within 24 hours. Then you’ll understand why we’re so confident in our proofreaders’ skills.

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