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At ProofreadingServices.com, we take our mission to provide top-quality editing to the good people of Kuching extremely seriously. Our proofreaders are dedicated to helping diligent scholars, hardworking entrepreneurs, talented authors, and many others express their ideas clearly and effectively in grammatically correct English. Our love for Kuching, from the awe-inspiring rock formations at Bako National Park to the beautiful views at the Kuching Waterfront, pushes us to work extra hard for Kuching writers, helping them reach their academic, professional, literary, and personal goals. Do you need a thorough review where we dive deep into your draft, or are you looking for a light edit to clear your text of typos? We’re prepared to offer whatever editing services you need, so just let our team know.

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Can we provide the editing services you’re looking for?

ProofreadingServices.com leads the online English editing sphere, so yes, we’re certain we can satisfy your proofreading requirements. We have academic editors, business editors, literary editors and more on our team, waiting to dive into your document and help you improve your writing. Kuching writers no longer need to worry about embarrassing typos or unclear wording when presenting their ideas thanks to the careful eyes of our experienced proofreaders.

  • From Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, to Executive College, to UCSI University, Sarawak Campus, there’s no shortage of top-level educational institutes in Kuching. High-level scholars require high-level academic editing services, which our academic editors are proud to provide to Kuching students and professors. Our proofreaders are familiar with a range of subjects, so we can provide expert editing services regardless of your discipline.
  • Across Petra Jaya, Kuching City Centre, and elsewhere in Kuching, businesses small and large are flourishing with the help of our professional business editors. We can help companies and professionals touch up their writing, whether it’s for internal communications, correspondence with business partners, or copy to entice new customers and drive sales.
  • If you live in Kuching, chances are you speak Malay (Bahasa Sarawak) or Chinese (Hokkien, Hakka, or Mandarin) as your native language. Our proofreaders are here to help everyone in Kuching, no matter what language they speak. So, whether your English proficiency is high or low, our editors are here to help you convey your ideas with confidence.
  • Sometimes, you just need someone to look over your important email or other document to check for typos and grammatical mistakes. That’s well within our proofreading scope!

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Meet our expert proofreaders!

Our editing team consists of native Britons, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Kiwis, and Irish people who have worked hard over several years to build up their editing prowess. Our proofreaders are familiar with a wide range of English dialects, style guides, and additional fields, such as economics or psychology, which allows them to help a maximally broad demographic of Kuching writers. They’ve earned their spot on our editing team by proving their skills in the editing tests we have all proofreading candidates take—tests that only one out of every 300 candidates manages to pass. So, you can rest assured that our proofreaders are true experts.

Are you among the 570,000-odd residents in Kuching? If you are, whether you’re an academic, a business leader, a novelist, or any other kind of writer, reach out to our team for top-level editing services. Our proofreaders love assisting writers from Kuching, helping them reach their goals while meeting their deadlines. We work fast to have your document edited before your chosen turnaround time, but we never sacrifice accuracy in the process.

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If you’re a new client, you’re welcome to request a free proofreading sample to check out our work. Send a document of your choice, and our editors will work their magic on the first 300 words to show you just how skilled we are. 

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