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Welsh is the de jure official language of Wales—a Celtic language entirely different from English. The Welsh language faced repression in the past, starting in the 16th century and continuing into the 20th century, and the stigmatization of Welsh particularly in schools led to a sharp decline. However, in modern times, the Welsh have pursued measures to reclaim their traditional language. The number of Welsh speakers is 850,000 and growing, with some schools operating almost entirely in Welsh.

Here at, we understand the importance of minority languages like Welsh. We support measures that promote the Welsh language and encourage translation into—and out of—the language. That’s why we’ve put together a skilled Welsh translation team, ready to serve businesspeople, scholars, creative content producers, and anyone else who requires high-quality Welsh translation services.

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Welsh: A Unique Celtic Language

The Welsh are the indigenous inhabitants of Wales, originating from a period when Celtic languages dominated the British Isles. While Welsh is an Indo-European language, like English, it is only distantly related, with the similarities only identifiable by trained linguists. Welsh, like other Celtic languages, uses a VSO word order, putting the verb at the beginning of the sentence. In colloquial Welsh, auxiliaries are often used with verbs to express tense information, but verbal inflection is more common in literary Welsh.

Welsh divides words into two genders—masculine and feminine—but does not mark case. Plurals can be formed through a number of suffixes and mutations, exhibiting a high degree of irregularity. Perhaps Welsh’s most notable feature, though—one it shares with all Insular Celtic languages—is the grammaticalized word-initial consonant mutations. Each Welsh noun has three possible mutations, each of which is triggered through different grammatical processes. Welsh also inflects prepositions for person. The differences between Welsh and English—and even between colloquial and literary Welsh—abound, necessitating the expertise of experienced Welsh translators for a high-quality translation. That’s what our Welsh translation team is here for.

Welsh Translation Services for Any Occasion

  • Literature. With writers like Manon Steffan Ros, Jon Gower, and Jerry Hunter, Welsh literature is enjoying the limelight—and our Welsh translators would like to help spread it around the world. No matter what you’ve written or created in Welsh, hire us to craft a professional translation into English. Our team is also here to assist foreign artists in bringing their works to a Welsh-speaking audience—in this passionate niche market, you can easily stand out.
  • Digital material. Located in the UK, Wales boasts a remarkably high Internet penetration rate—but even though most Welsh speakers regularly use the Internet, they can seldom find Welsh-language content. Our Welsh translators can help change that. If you want to jump into the largely untapped Welsh-language market, come to us with your blog, retail website, mobile app, software program, or game, and we’ll localize it for Welsh speakers.
  • Historical documents. The rich history of the Welsh language has resulted in myriad historical documents in Welsh, but many remain untranslated. Our Welsh translators happily work with historians, researchers, and governmental agencies to uncover the meaning of these historical documents and shed light on the rich history of the people of Wales.

Welsh is an important language, and we at are committed to supporting revitalization efforts. So, wherever you are—Cardiff, Bangor, Swansea, or even somewhere outside of Wales—we’re here to help. No matter what type of translation project you have, we’ll work hard to help you produce the results you want. Our services are available 24/7, and we let you determine the turnaround time—this ensures timely delivery of your Welsh translation, even if you have an urgent deadline.

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