Why CEOs Should Outsource Their Online Content Writing

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An online presence has become practically mandatory for modern-day businesses. A successful entrepreneur typically maintains a blog and social media profiles where they share news about their brand, insights into their industry, or interesting tidbits from their lives. However, it’s often not the businessperson themselves who’s writing this content. 

CEOs and entrepreneurs are increasingly outsourcing their online content (such as blog and social media posts) to professional writers. Having a solid social media following and publishing blog posts and in-depth pieces in established media outlets are becoming increasingly important for business owners and leaders who want to leave a mark on their industry and grow their brands. However, producing a steady stream of high-quality content is time-consuming and exhausting, which makes it a challenge for busy businesspeople. Indeed, maintaining a consistent, engaging, and effective online presence is basically a job in and of itself.

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How to outsource your online content writing 

Outsourcing your online content writing is similar to ghostwriting only it relates to blog posts, social media posts, and articles. Once you’ve found a writer familiar with the subject matter you want to tackle and capable of adopting the tone and language you use, they will usually interview you to come up with a strategy and outline. 

An experienced content writer will ask you the right questions to understand what you want out of their work, what goals you want to achieve, and how you want to express your ideas. Unlike a ghostwriter, who develops a thorough narrative for a single book, a professional online content writer needs a plan to develop high-quality ideas for several different posts, often on an ongoing basis.

Once the writer has enough information, they will usually produce an outline that you must check and approve. This is your chance to give them feedback, make any necessary corrections or adjustments, and suggest any changes that will better align the content with your style or objectives. Remember: Even though you’re not writing the content, it’s being published under your name, so it represents not only you but also your company. Therefore, if you don’t feel that the writer is on the same page as you, this is the time to end your professional collaboration and find someone else. 

If you’re happy with the way the writer has captured your voice and ideas, you can sign off on their outline, and they will start on the actual writing. Don’t worry—you’ll also get to check the content before it’s published, so you can request any revisions you deem necessary to shape the post into what you envisioned.

Every writer will have their own process, which will also vary depending on the specifications of your project, so communicate openly and establish clear guidelines for your collaboration during your first interview to avoid issues further down the line. This initial conversation is also where you’ll want to discuss how often your writer should create posts, how long each should be, how long it should take to write a piece, and what keywords or hashtags to target.

Why CEOs need to publish high-quality online content 

Adding a list of well-known publications to your portfolio, maintaining a blog, and having a large social media following are good for business, but only if your content is well-written. You can never truly erase content from the internet—even if you delete it, it may be archived somewhere, or people may have downloaded it or made a screenshot. For this reason, you should aim to release only high-quality content, which will become part of your online presence for years to come. It can also be repurposed for seminars, panels, conferences, podcasts, and even books. 

Humanizing your public persona, expanding your reach to potential new clients, and showcasing your knowledge and expertise can boost your clout and cement your standing as an expert in your field. However, it will do the exact opposite if what you publish isn’t up to par. If you’re busy pushing boundaries in your industry, you probably don’t have the time to compose well-written, engaging blog pieces and social media posts, which is why you’ll benefit from hiring a content writer.

Outsourcing your online content is a collaborative effort

Hiring a content writer doesn’t mean you’re paying them to do all the work for you: It means you’re hiring a professional to organize and disseminate your ideas, knowledge, and experience through well-crafted content. Whether you want to grow your social media following or your writing portfolio, the content creator you hire won’t be the one coming up with the topics to cover—that’s all on you. However, you do want someone with knowledge in your industry as that will ensure they understand the terminology and more technical concepts.

Instead of generating ideas for you, a content writer takes the ideas you give them and matches your voice and style as they create professionally written posts that promote your personal brand. They weave the ideas you provide into riveting online pieces while you focus on running your business, which means you can spend more time doing what you do best. 

Outsourcing your online content is an investment in your company’s growth

As a CEO, you know the importance of investment to grow your business, and content writing is no different. Producing high-quality online content has become essential for the 21st-century entrepreneur who wants to engage directly with their peers and customers, personalize their interactions, and showcase their industry knowledge. Don’t think of the cost as an expense but as an investment into your personal brand and therefore your company’s growth, a commitment that will elevate your professional profile and establish you as a steady source of insights. In today’s digital world, content marketing is critically important, so don’t underestimate its power.

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