Why Use Print Media to Promote Your Book

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After the advent of the internet and social media, many people started thinking of the newspaper as an ancient relic. Is it, though? Can it still help authors promote their books? 

While they aren’t what they once were, newspapers can be used as a platform for book promotion and publicity. In certain instances, you can make money from being featured in a newspaper, and at the very least, it can help your book grab the attention of people by presenting it to millions of readers. Moreover, a newspaper can provide free advertising, and it may even promote your book online.

Keep in mind that you still need to get your book in top-notch shape before you contact any newspaper, and optimizing its marketing potential will be a key aspect of that preparation. Take advantage of our comprehensive marketing package to ensure a more marketable book.

How print media can help you

Newspapers have longevity—they have stood the test of time despite the arrival of the radio, television, and the internet. They are still read by millions every day, even with all the news on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. If your target audience is older people, then getting coverage in a national newspaper could be the way to go. After all, social media is mainly used by younger people, so you may not be able to reach your demographic through social media posts alone.

For this reason, newspapers can be an author’s best friend, and both sides can benefit from the successful serialization of a book. Exclusive contracts for serializations (the release of a book in bits and pieces over a period of time) used to pay big money, and while this isn’t the case anymore, money can still be made, especially with nonfiction titles.

If you’ve written nonfiction that is currently relevant or relates to certain events, milestones, or holidays, a newspaper may jump at the chance to promote you, potentially leading to further publicity and success down the line. This is in addition to paying you for your content, which must be thoroughly researched and reliable. You want to make sure that your book is in excellent shape before you start shopping it around to newspapers—you don’t want any errors to detract from your credibility or argument.

Coverage in a newspaper can alert publishing houses to your work and result in a book deal. In this case, you may have the publishers reaching out to you instead of having to contact them yourself. Sometimes, all you need is someone or something (in this case a newspaper) to draw attention to your work.

A ripple effect

How can you get a newspaper’s attention? If you’re already working with a publisher, talk to its team about touching base with a newspaper so it can highlight your book. If you’re on your own, contact the editors at the paper and let them know about your book and how it is relevant to readers. Features editors are often looking for material, and they may pick up your story. Do you have quotes or pictures that will capture their interest? Send them! Sometimes, this is the hook editors need to feature your book.

If you sign any type of contract with a newspaper, it might pay you for extracts from your book. Eventually, it may even interview you. Although you will rarely be paid for an interview, you will still get free publicity and recognition for your work. Sometimes, this is all you need for your book to take off.

Don’t forget about another important benefit of being featured in the press: Book retailers like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Amazon take notice of press-worthy books. And guess what? They stock their shelves accordingly, so your book could end up lying on coffee tables or appearing on websites. Newspapers are thus not as obsolete as some may think because they still carry weight in the publishing world. If you’re a nonfiction writer, consider reaching out to a newspaper to see if you can get your book promoted.

Unfortunately, fiction isn’t often picked up as a feature, but if you can garner a review in a newspaper, it can result in awareness and sales. Also, if your fiction book is based on a real-life event, you might get recognized through an interview, which will get your name and title out into the reading world. Remember that unless it is a negative review, any type of publicity will benefit you.

Although newspaper sales are declining, when your book is covered in the national press, you reach a higher level of prestige and credibility. Don’t neglect social media and live readings, but embrace the press as a tool for creating awareness of your work. To get your book in the best possible shape before you reach out to the press, send it to our professional editors, and then turn to our marketing professionals for a killer blurb, author bio, and more to maximize your success as an author.

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