Why You Should Print Your Book on Demand: An Overview for Self-Published Authors

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Every author dreams of holding a physical copy of their book in their hands or, better yet, seeing it out in the open in a stranger’s hands. Still, many writers have swapped this dream for a more practical solution: eBooks. They’re easier to format, distribute, and ultimately sell since they’re available 24/7 almost anywhere in the world and can be bought by an unlimited number of readers as they’ll never run out of stock. 

However, releasing your painstakingly crafted manuscript exclusively as an eBook just doesn’t feel the same. Besides, there are various practical advantages to printing your book, even if only for a limited run. If you’re ready to make your dream of printing your book come true, check out our print formatting services for authors

So, what are the advantages of printing your book?

You can give away (and sell) physical copies of your book 

Sometimes, you simply want to have a few copies to display on your bookshelf or to give away to select people—family, friends, devoted fans, or even media personalities and influencers. There’s just something about physically holding a book in your hands that eReaders can’t replicate. 

The great thing about printing a book on demand is you don’t necessarily have to order hundreds or thousands of copies although the more you print, the lower the price per copy will be. You can print the exact number of copies you want, proudly displaying your printed book on your bookshelf without shelling out the cash for hundreds of copies.

Also, having a few copies to give away (or sell as a special limited edition) to your devoted fan base can be a great idea. You can sign and personalize them, making them even more cherished. This works especially well if you’ve already published and completed a series of books: You can sell the entire collection as a special print edition. This is a prime opportunity for marketing as loyal fans will be clamoring to get their hands on such a rare treat.

You can use your printed book for networking

If you’re attending a writers’ conference, a book fair, or another writing event, having a few physical copies of your book to give to fellow authors, editors, and publishers will make you more memorable and elevate your networking strategy. Even though eBooks are just as valid as printed books, having some physical copies to give away will make you look more professional, too. A printed book is tangible and will be perceived as a special token—much more so than an electronic file or a download link. 

It also shows that you’re serious about your writing and carving a space for yourself in the industry, which the higher-ups will notice and appreciate. This is especially important if you want to move into traditional publishing and work with established publishers and literary agents. Those in the traditional publishing sphere sometimes look down on self-published authors, so this is a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd and leave a good impression on publishers and agents.

You can increase your book reviews by giving out print copies

Getting positive reviews in the first few days after your book launch can make or break your title, which is why some self-published authors will print a limited number of copies and send them to reviewers and critics as soon as their book comes out. An emailed link is easy to ignore, but this is not the case with a freshly printed book one can hold and smell, and the gesture itself can prompt reviewers to take the time to give you a review. Your extra effort and professionalism are also likely to bias them in your favor right from the get-go, which increases your chances of snagging a raving review. Moreover, if you’re targeting book influencers on social media, sending them a printed copy may be the only way to get a review since they’ll often want an artistic picture of the book to accompany their post.

That being said, printing a book isn’t the right choice for every writer, and the cost alone might put many self-published and emerging authors off the idea altogether. Printing a book requires more in-depth formatting and design than creating eBooks, which is why many independent authors who print their books do so only for limited editions or special occasions. 

You also want to be entirely confident in your printer and the quality of your book before you print it because there’s no editing a printed work once it’s out there. It’s certainly an investment, but if you’re ready to go ahead with it, let our experts prepare your book for printing with custom typesetting and customizable interior design for the best results. 

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