List of 93 Words That Sound Funny

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Seeking words that sound funny? Have a look at this handy list of relevant examples. In this collection, you'll find English terms that sound unusual or different.
abibliophobia Fear of not having anything to read.
absquatulate To abruptly depart.
anencephalous Lacking a brain.
batrachomyomachy A quarrel over an unimportant issue.
befuddled Baffled; totally confused.
billingsgate Coarse language packed with profanity.
bloviate To talk in a long-winded fashion.
blubber A layer of fat on marine animals; to weep loudly.
Borborygm Rumbling noise made by the stomach.
boustrophedon Written from right to left and left to right on alternating lines.
bowyang A cord to hold up trousers.
bumbershoot An umbrella.
bumfuzzle To confuse or confound.
canoodle To cuddle or pet.
cantankerous Bad-tempered, stubborn, or argumentative.
catawampus Incorrectly arranged.
cockamamie Far-fetched.
codswallop Ideas that are nonsensical or incorrect.
collop A slice of roast meat.
collywobbles Nervousness accompanied by queasiness.
comeuppance A just punishment or fate.
conjubilant Communally rejoicing.
crapulence Sickness caused by overeating or drinking.
debauchery Excessive sensual indulgence.
diphthong A vowel sound combining two vowels.
discombobulated Extremely confused and out of sorts.
dollop A lump of a soft substance, often a food such as cream.
donnybrook An uproarious scene or heated argument.
doodle To draw casually.
doozy Something out of the ordinary.
dumbfounded Amazed to the point of speechlessness.
erinaceous Of or related to hedgehogs.
fatuous Inane or foolish.
feeble Lacking physical strength or strength of mind.
festooned Decorated.
finagle To achieve something using underhanded methods.
finicky Very fussy or particular in requirements.
flibbertigibbet A frivolous or excessively talkative person.
fuddy-duddy A conservative, old-fashioned person.
gardyloo An interjection used to warn people of waste being thrown from windows.
gargoyle A grotesque statue of an imaginary creature, used to send rainwater away from the walls of a building.
giggle A high-pitched, silly laugh.
gobbledygook Language that is so technical or full of jargon as to make no sense.
goggles Protective glasses.
gonzo Relating to surreal, semi-fictionalized journalism.
goombah A protective friend or associate.
gubbins Fish scraps; gadgetry; a foolish person.
haphazard Unplanned; left to chance.
hobbledehoy An awkward young person.
hocus-pocus Meaningless talk or sleight of hand.
hodgepodge An assortment of unrelated items.
hogwash Nonsense; false or ludicrous beliefs.
hoodwink To trick or deceive.
hubbub Loud noise or confusion, usually caused by a group of people.
hullabaloo A commotion.
ill-willie Of an unfriendly disposition.
impignorate To pledge or pawn something.
itty-bitty Extremely small.
lickety-split As soon as possible.
malarkey Senseless talk or nonsense.
mollycoddle To spoil or pamper someone.
mugwump An aloof person, or one who remains independent in politics.
namby-pamby One who lacks strength and courage.
nincompoop A foolish or useless person.
ornery Grumpy.
pandiculation The act of stretching when yawning or waking.
pauciloquent Laconic; using few words.
pettifogger A dubious lawyer.
pompous Self-important; overly solemn.
quire Leaves of paper or parchment in a manuscript.
rambunctious Boisterous and energetic.
ramshackle In a state of disrepair or carelessly constructed.
ratoon A new shoot in a crop plant.
rigmarole A long, complex story or procedure.
shenanigan A mischievous or dishonest activity.
shrubbery Small bushes growing close to the ground.
sialoquent Spraying saliva while talking.
skedaddle To leave hastily.
smellfungus One who always finds fault.
snickersnee A big sword-like knife.
snollygoster An unprincipled, scheming individual.
snool To cow or bully.
squabble An argument, usually over a minor matter.
squeegee A tool used to remove water from surfaces.
squelch A sucking noise often heard on contact with mud.
taradiddle A silly lie or pretentious nonsense.
troglodyte A hermit or a person who lives in a cave.
vomitory An entrance or exit in a theater or stadium.
wabbit Weary or a little unwell.
wishy-washy Weak or insipid in character.
withershins Counterclockwise.
yarborough A low-scoring whist or bridge hand.
zoanthropy A mental disorder in which sufferers believe themselves to be animals.