List of 36 Words That You Didn't Know Existed

Did you know?
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Seeking words that you didn't know exist? This useful list of unusual terms can help you. Here you'll find a range of words that are uncommon, esoteric, or antiquated.
acosmism dysthymia kakorrhaphiophobia phosphene
akrasia eccedentesiast kerfuffle poppycock
alexithymia ereyesterday lollygag psithurism
Anglomania exceedance meldrop quidnunc
aubade floccinaucinihilipilification meretricious schadenfreude
compunction gargalesthesia octothorpe selcouth
curmudgeon gobbledygook overmorrow tittynope
defenestration gowpen peristeronic ulotrichous
discombobulate jentacular philosophunculist whippersnapper