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  • 11 English Grammar Tests You Can Take to Measure Your Progress

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    If you’re currently enrolled in an English language class, you probably take tests and quizzes on a regular basis to measure your progress. But what if you’re not in a class right now or simply want more opportunities to measure your progress? Luckily, there are plenty of grammar quizzes available online for students of all levels.

    I’ve picked eleven great tests that focus on different aspects of English grammar that ESL students often struggle with. This is by no means a complete list of all the grammar quizzes out there. In fact, most of the quizzes below come from websites that offer many more grammar tests. You may end up discovering a whole series of helpful quizzes.

    34 easy questions

    This quiz gives you a lot of variety. You read thirty-four questions and choose the correct form of the answer from four possible choices. This is a great, easy way to test your grammar and reading comprehension.

    Parts of speech quiz

    Refresh your memory about different parts of speech with this quiz from English Club. The quiz-makers have listed ten parts of speech, and it’s up to you to choose a word that belongs to that part of speech from a list of choices on the left.

    Article or no article?

    Decide whether the subjects of the sentences in this quiz need an article (“a” or “the”) or whether they’re grammatically correct without one.

    Expressing similarity and difference

    You’ll have to scroll down to get to this quiz because the test-makers want to make sure you review comparison phrases (such as “both,” “more,” and “different than”) before you test their usage. When you do get to the quiz, you’ll need to fill in the blank by choosing the appropriate phrase from two options.

    Imperative forms quiz

    If you’ve been studying imperatives, also known as command statements, try this short ten-question quiz to make sure you understand how to phrase a command, instruction, or piece of advice.

    Adjective order

    You may understand where to place an adjective in a sentence, but do you know what to do when there’s more than one adjective used to describe a noun? This ten-question quiz asks you to fill in the blank by choosing the most natural-sounding order of adjectives.

    Preposition quiz

    A preposition is a word that shows how a noun is related to another word in the clause. If you’ve been learning about words like “on,” “in,” and “at,” this quiz from Dave’s Café can help you make sure you’re using them correctly.

    Active vs. passive voice

    Do you understand the difference between active and passive voice? Understanding appropriate uses of both active and passive voice can help you improve your English writing, and this quiz can help you find out if you understand these two forms.

    Conditional verb forms

    Conditional verb forms can be tricky, even for more advanced students. This quiz asks you to look at the verb tenses of clauses before and after a blank to figure out what conditional verb form to use in the tense.

    Pesky past tenses

    If you’re an advanced student and want to give yourself a good challenge with verb tenses, try this quiz on the popular trivia website Sporcle. The quiz gives you the present tense of thirty verbs and asks you to fill in their irregular past tense forms (because they’re irregular, you can’t just add “-ed” to the end).

    Commas quiz

    This is another advanced-level quiz. Even native English speakers struggle with correct comma placement sometimes! However, if you think you have a good understanding of commas and comma splices, test your knowledge with this quiz.

    Did you find some helpful quizzes to reveal what you’ve mastered and what you need to practice? Maybe someone else you know could benefit from using the same quizzes to measure their language-learning progress. Pass this guide on to a friend!

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