5 Jobs CEOs Can Outsource to a Ghostwriter

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Business owners and CEOs understand that well-written content directly affects how smoothly a company functions. From internal memos to op-eds and everything in between, the voice a brand uses to communicate can change the way its customers, employees, and competitors see it, which is why so many businesses outsource their writing to professionals. Writing matters in so many different areas, especially in the digital era when content marketing has become more important than ever. Hiring a dedicated ghostwriter helps businesses produce all the high-quality writing they need in a clear and consistent voice.

Ghostwriters specialize in adopting your voice and style to convey your ideas in a compelling, cohesive way and help save you time by focusing on meeting your deadlines while you continue growing your business. If you’d like to learn more about hiring a professional writer for your company, check out our writing and rewriting services for businesses

But let’s start with the basics. What kinds of jobs can ghostwriters do?

1. Ghostwriters can write your books and eBooks

One of the main jobs business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs outsource to ghostwriters is writing their books and eBooks. Publishing your own book or eBook, whether it’s on leadership, management, finances, or how you got your company off the ground, can boost your business and establish you as a thought leader in your industry. This is why more and more business leaders are striving to get a book published and out on shelves. 

Since most business leaders don’t have the time to write their books themselves, they outsource the writing to a professional ghostwriter who already knows and understands the process, has a background in business, and will meet their deadlines. A successfully ghostwritten book does necessitate close collaboration from you, the author, as you need to offer detailed accounts of everything you want in the book and provide pinpointed feedback of the ghost’s drafts. Other than this minor temporal investment, a ghostwritten book demands little from you.

To learn more about hiring a ghostwriter to write your business books, contact our ghostwriting services for CEOs team

2. Ghostwriters can write your business’s online content

More and more businesses are using social media, blogs, and their own websites to communicate directly with their audience. However, a great deal of time and effort goes into writing high-quality online content that matches a brand’s voice and style. A ghostwriter who understands your industry and language will know exactly how to reach your audience and impress potential investors with your online content, bringing more visibility to your brand. Discuss in advance your vision for your company’s online content and periodically give your ghostwriter new content ideas to post about to enjoy a steady stream of engaging online content while you focus on other aspects of business.

Contact us to be paired with an expert online content ghostwriter. 

3. Ghostwriters can write your business’s media content

As expert communicators, ghostwriters can also write all your media content, from press kits and press releases to speeches, newsletters, whitepapers, and everything in between. Keep in mind that they will be writing what you tell them to—their job isn’t to think for you but merely to write for you. That’s the fundamental rule with all ghostwriting: the content is yours, and the ghostwriter is just helping you find the best words while freeing up more time for you to dedicate to other things. But if you need to send off a press release, your ghostwriter can craft your message in a professional, cohesive, and direct way that will make you look good—all in keeping with your business’s consistent voice. 

If you’re looking for a ghostwriter with a background in media, let us know!  

4. Ghostwriters can write your internal memos

This one might not seem as obvious, but even the internal communications in your company should be well-written and error free. Even more importantly, they should be clear to minimize the risk of ambiguities confusing your staff. The way management communicates with employees can have a significant effect on employee satisfaction and therefore output and productivity. Typo-laden or badly written memos will not help company morale. Hiring a ghostwriter to compose your internal memos can be a worthwhile investment and improve the atmosphere in the office.

To find a ghostwriter to take care of all your internal communications, get in touch with our team.

5. Ghostwriters can edit and proofread your written content 

Many ghostwriters are skilled editors and proofreaders. Even those who aren’t probably work with an editorial team who can comb through all your written content with a professional eye to make sure not a single typo or grammatical error makes it out. Internet scrutiny is real, and most businesses can’t afford to have any mistakes in their written content. This is why so many companies outsource their proofreading and editing needs to professionals. Even minor typos can be costly for your company, as they convey an aura of sloppiness and unprofessionalism, so professional editing services are indispensable for any modern business.

To learn more about our editing and proofreading services, check out our services for authors.

Ghostwriters can handle almost any project you give them, but it’s important to find a writer you get along with, communicate well with, and who has the knowledge and expertise to seamlessly integrate into your staff to produce flawless, industry-standard content. The right ghostwriter can write various types of content for your company, which also helps you put forward a consistent voice. To be paired with the perfect ghostwriter for your business, contact our writing services for businesses team today.

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